Enola Holmes: Why you should watch this film with your daughter

Enola Holmes: Why you should watch this film with your daughter

Everyone knows the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, but did you know that he has a sister?

The latest Netflix offering is the film adaptation of the book series, Enola Holmes, which was originally written by  Nancy Springer. The series works off the assumption that there is a secret Holmes sibling. Now it has come to life in a Netflix produced movie, starring Millie Bobby Brown, and Henry Cavill, playing her famous older brother, Sherlock.

The plot

The story starts off with Enola Holmes, played by the striking Millie Bobby Brown of "Stranger Things" fame, breaking the fourth wall and talking to the camera about her mother and how she was raised. We see that she has been raised more in line with the modern times such as ours, rather than in the ways of Victorian genteel society.

Set in the English countryside, the story starts out on the eve of Enola's 16th birthday. She speaks of her mother, who is brilliantly played by Helena Bonham Carter, who she is very fond of. And who, as we see, has disappeared. What follows is with the help of her brothers, the quest to find out where her mother is, and Enola's journey to trying to find her footing in the world.

Enola Holmes: Why you should watch this film with your daughter


Great Parent / Daughter Date

The movie has been getting rave reviews and has been a recommended watch for parents with daughters. It's a great watch for girls, of any age really, because it teaches some lessons. Here are 5 takeaways from the movie:

1. It inspires girls to have thoughts and opinions of their own.

Enola is seen as a very independent young woman on the cusp of womanhood. She is very sure about her opinions, and is ready to give them, even if during that time in history, women were not thought to have such opinions. Enola is an example of a girl knowing herself, and this is a good value to instill to young girls.

2.  They see the value of familial ties.

It shows the bond between even estranged family members can be mended in a time of mutual crisis. Also it shows the importance of a mother's influence on her daughter, and how strong that bond is or can be.

3.  Girls will see that physicality is a good thing.

Enola Holmes' character is very cerebral but also she is highly physical. In the movie she is trained through books but her mother also took it upon herself to teach her martial arts and other sports. This is a good influence to girls that watch: that they too can be physical and doing all the sports or physical activity that men do. Perhaps you can do the activities together even! Exercise is always a good way to help children with their development, and it has the bonus of releasing the happy hormone, the mighty endorphin, that helps with moods too!


Enola Holmes: Why you should watch this film with your daughter

4. Being smart is not a bad thing.

Too often nowadays being smart is looked down upon. This movie shows that being smart is actually a cool thing to be. It shows the value of reading and learning. Always a good thing to instill in kids, both girls and boys.

5. Get your sons to watch it too.

This will normalize to your boys that girls are just as strong as they are and can be just as smart as they are. They may be different, but they are just as strong as each other.

Enola Holmes: Why you should watch this film with your daughter

Enola Holmes is now on Netflix.

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