Ensure Germ Protection with the following Laundry Tips and Tricks

Ensure Germ Protection with the following Laundry Tips and Tricks

How do you keep your home and your laundry clean, fresh, and germ-free? Check out these tips and tricks to cover these important aspects of cleaning.

Proper home care and cleanliness need to be prioritized now more than ever to keep your family safe and healthy. But with everything that’s going on in your busy household, how do you even start?

Let your laundry be the first step to a worry-free and germ-free home! Aside from maintaining cleanliness around the house, remember to wash your clothes properly to ensure that they remain clean and germ-free. Thorough cleaning is needed for anything that touches your body throughout the day – and clothes are no exception.

With the right care and attention, you can keep your clothes and your home clean, safe, and worry-free. To achieve a germ-protected household, here are a few tips that could help:

Ensure Germ Protection with the following Laundry Tips and Tricks


Laundry Tip 1: Wash clothes before entering the house 

The last thing we would want is to bring in germs or unwanted pollutants in our home We may be extra careful when handling produce at the supermarket, or any high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, staircase railings, but dust, germs, and all sorts of bacteria can cling to your clothes when you are outside. It can cling to fabrics, and even squeeze into seams and folds.

After going out on supply runs, errands, or any other outdoor activity, it’s best to wash your clothes before entering your house. Your washing machine or a ready wash bin should be accessible so you can run your clothes quickly, just to disinfect it due to exposure.

Another alternative is to have a clothes hamper that’s reserved for outside clothes. It’s better to keep it outside your home, or set it aside and away from other clothes or items to avoid cross-contamination. Some viruses and bacteria can survive on surfaces for several hours, so isolating your clothes before you can wash them makes it safer than mixing it with all your other laundry items.


Laundry Tip 2: Know the proper ways to take care of each clothing item

Clothes vary with their required safekeeping, which is why it is important to know what care each item in your wardrobe needs. Some clothes require extra care than others. Best to check your clothing tags for the recommended wash care. Follow the basic rules like sorting by color, rinsing thoroughly, using bleach to get rid of stains and odors, It may be common knowledge, but it’s still good to remember how to individually care for each clothing item. Take note of the follow guidelines:

  • Always wash dark clothes inside-out

Since darker fabrics easily fade when washed, it is best to wash your dark clothes inside-out.

  • Delicate cycle for delicate clothes

It is no big revelation that the ‘delicate’ setting option in your washer is for clothing items that have thin materials such as lace, silk, or any of our clothes that you want to give gentler care.

  • Dry your cotton fabrics thoroughly

Cotton clothing may be the most common in your laundry so it is often mistaken as the easiest to wash. Cotton is prone to shrinking and is temperature-sensitive. Avoid drying your cotton laundry in overexposed, sunny areas so they won’t get worn out easily.

  • Keep nylon and spandex items out of the dryer

Swimwear or any activewear made out of either nylon or spandex can be prone to static in the dryer. After a good swim with the kids, let your swimsuits air dry after washing.


Ensure Germ Protection with the following Laundry Tips and Tricks


Laundry Tip 3: Check on your washing machine every now and then

It would not hurt to double check whether your washing machine is doing its job right. Make it a habit to inspect it for any damage or laundry residuals. Your washing machine is your top partner in washing, and thus in eliminating dirt and germs from your clothes. Once broken, you’re going to have to face loads of laundry with only your bare hands.

Keeping your washing machine clean is just as important as washing your clothes. Avoid clogging the machine and its pipes by rinsing any excess detergent or water after every use.

As with any other machine, each model is different, so take time to read up on the manual to avoid any further damage. Once you are familiar with the proper use and care of your washing machine, it’s easier to keep it in top shape.


Laundry Tip 4: Pair up your laundry detergent with an antibacterial fabric conditioner

Don’t let your laundry detergent fight germs and bacteria alone. Match it up with an antibacterial fabric conditioner to give your clothes long-lasting fragrance, and germ protection!

Using fabric conditioner not only makes your clothes soft, it also makes it fragrant. If it has an additional antibacterial factor, it can also give your clothes the needed protection from germs.

Together with your detergent, you can use Surf Antibacterial Fabric Conditioner for up to 24-hour germ protection. Aside from having that long-lasting fragrance for your clothes, it also has germ protection technology that lasts up to 24-hours. So you can keep your clothes smelling great and still feel safe.

Ensure Germ Protection with the following Laundry Tips and Tricks

You can purchase Surf Laundry Detergents and Fabric Conditioners at affordable prices in local stores, as well as online shopping sites including Shopee and Lazada. Be worry-free, odor-free, and germ-free, and have a fresh, clean hand safe home with Surf Antibacterial Fabric Conditioner!

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