Exploding glass door injures child: A hidden mall danger to watch out for!

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One mom in China just took a few moments to browse in a gadget store, but she wasn't expecting what happened when she let her son out of her sight briefly...

When heading to the mall, moms and dads are careful to keep their little ones close. They’re aware of the common hazards of bringing kids to a crowded public place. But there are unexpected dangers in malls parents should also be aware of, like the exploding glass door that stunned one mom in China.

Exploding glass door in mall injures boy’s face

Based on CCTV footage that emerged online a month later, the incident happened when the mom was inside an Apple store at Chengdu Shopping Mall. While she was shopping, her son was playing nearby with another little boy.

At first, the boy plays with the door, opening and shutting it. But then it suddenly shatters spontaneously.

src=https://sg admin.theasianparent.com/wp content/uploads/sites/12/2018/04/exploding glass door 1 .jpg Exploding glass door injures child: A hidden mall danger to watch out for!

The exploding glass door injured the young boy while his mom was shopping. | Image: qq.com

The exploding glass door injured the young boy’s face. Though the mom’s back is turned, she springs into action quickly once she realizes what happened.

Reports say the mom rushed her son to the hospital as soon as possible.

You can watch the CCTV video here.

How can you spot an exploding glass door before it’s too late?

This is not the first exploding glass door accident. They don’t just happen in the mall; they can also happen right in your home. In Singapore, a mom was surprised when her toilet door shattered without warning.

Though we have no control over what glass doors we come into contact with in public, we can choose what types of doors to use at home.

Remember that glass can shatter even without contact or impact. So make sure your kids know the dangers of playing with or around glass doors or windows.

Laminated glass or tempered glass?

First, it’s important to know that there are two types of “safety glass:” tempered glass and laminated glass.

Next, it’s worth noting that investing in good quality safety glass is important. Though untreated “non-safety” glass is usually 50% more affordable, it poses risks to your family. Why? This is because untreated glass breaks into sharp shards and edges.

However, when it comes to tempered glass, spontaneous breakage doesn’t pose much of a risk. This is because it is designed to withstand severe impact. When it does break, it does so in smaller pieces with soft edges, making injuries less severe.

Meanwhile, laminated glass tends to stay fairly intact even if it’s broken or shattered accidentally. Laminated glass can also block 99% of UV-light and can also reduce sound. Laminated glass is typically used for car windshields.

If your child or any relative gets cut by glass, the first thing you should do is stay calm. Then you should make sure to stop the bleeding by applying pressure. If large pieces of glass are embedded in the skin, try not to yank it out because it will cause further bleeding.

To check what type of glass a door is made of, you can usually refer to the manufacturer’s signature at the corner of the glass panel.


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