Fantasy box for sex

Fantasy box for sex

A fantasy box can perk up your sex drive and do magic for your relationship. Learn how you can use one.

Spark up your sex life

Spark up your sex life

If you want to make some sparks fly in the bedroom, create a fantasy box. If you are one of those who feel shy about discussing his/her fantasies, the fantasy box can come to your rescue. Both partners can write down their fantasies on paper and put them in a shoe box or a suggestion box that’s kept in the bedroom.

You can retrieve and go through the contents whenever you find your interest in sex dwindling. You can also select a fantasy from the box try randomly that the two of you would have to enact. You can even make a weekly date for this and do exactly what the slip that comes out of the box says.

Another way of using the fantasy box is by discussing the fantasies with your partner beforehand. You will have something exciting to look forward to every week in the form of anticipation of the naughty fantasy that would be selected in the coming weeks and months.

This is a healthy way of being open and honest in your sexual relationship with your spouse. But remember to keep it simple and always keep in mind each other’s boundaries and limitations while spelling out your desires.

A fantasy box can perk up your sex drive and do magic for your relationship. So, go for it now!

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