Filipino comfort food right to your doorstep

Filipino comfort food right to your doorstep

Want to know how you can elevate your Filipino cooking experience? Simple Roots is here to help make the experience more tasty and convenient for you!

Some of us will agree-- meal delivery services are one of the best things that ever happened during this whole pandemic situation. It is one of those few things that bring us joy because let’s face it, shopping for ingredients and preparing meals everyday while also being cautious can be a little inconvenient. Some of us dread even setting foot in a grocery store. Worry not, because Simple Roots, a proudly Filipino brand is here and their number one priority? Make your cooking experience more convenient, while nurturing and uplifting Filipino cuisine. By providing you easy to follow Filipino recipes delivered to your doorstep, serving yourself or your family healthy, home-made, delicious meals is now very possible.


Convenient, nourishing and uplifting

Filipino comfort food right to your doorstep

Simple Roots provides a Convenient, Nourishing and Uplifting meal prepping experience for everyone. Convenient, because not only will your shopping and waiting time lessen, but it will also make the work easier. All the ingredients that you will need will be offered in pre-portioned amounts (So that means less waste for you as well!) and less waiting time means spending more time with your family! It’s also Nourishing, because you get to experience cooking using only the best ingredients for your body. All their recipes have no artificial flavors, no preservatives, no processed sugars and no MSG. And lastly, prepping with Simple Roots is Uplifting, because when we cook, we escape the worries and stresses of the day and just focus on creating something delicious. Simple Roots also believes that preparing and sharing meals is a human experience that brings people from all walks of life together.


Cooking Better, Changing Lives

Simple Roots
Simple Roots believes in the magic of preparing and cooking meals and now, they want to share the experience with you! Their products include Meal Kit Sets, Ready-To-Cook and Ready-To-Heat Sets that are good for 2-3 people. They offer products that are not only affordable but are also easy-to-prepare and not to mention, delivered fresh and right on time. They even have Vegan-Friendly products!


For orders and more information, you may visit their website at You may also check out their Facebook page at Simple Roots Meal Kits and follow their official Instagram page @simplerootsph.


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