Find out why this new mom’s C-section scar makes her feel like a badass

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“I don't feel as if I was robbed of a birth or like less of a bad ass. This scar proves that I am indeed a #badassmama!”

When Raquel Renteria was pregnant with her second child, she was planning to have a natural, peaceful birth. However, she soon found out that her baby was in a breech position—instead of having her head positioned downwards in the uterus, the baby was poised to come out her bottom or feet first. And so, she had to make the difficult decision to have a C-section.

She told the whole story in an Instagram post that has since gone viral, Huffington Post reports.

“I couldn’t be more proud of this scar. I couldn’t be more proud of myself”

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“The last few weeks leading up to Alexa’s birth, I was scared,” she said. “I was terrified of this surgery. I was afraid of this scar and the long term effects it would have on body and my mind.”

Plenty of women who give birth to their baby via C-section are made to feel that their experience is somehow lesser than that of a vaginal birth. That played a part in her worries as well.

“This surgery was not an easy decision for me,” she added. “It pushed me to educate myself, to open my mind, to let go of my perfect expectations.”

Find out why Renteria says her C-section scar makes her feel like a bad-ass on the next page.

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