Fitspiration Aiko Melendez shares slimming secrets

Fitspiration Aiko Melendez shares slimming secrets

The stunning mom-of-two inspired her fans after she managed to slim down in less than a year. Find out how she achieved it here!

The mom of two is inspiring her followers with her recent transformation: in less than a year, she lost 50 pounds. A quick scan of her feed is enough for anyone to see just how much the actress/politician's lifestyle has changed.

She credits people's negativity toward plus-size women, as well as her own experience, as her motivation to slim down.

"Dumating ako sa point na, lalabas ako at may magpapa-picture sa akin. Pagtalikod ko ang maririnig mo, ‘Ang taba naman niyan, nakakaloka'," she recounted to PEP.

(It got to point where I'd go out and people would ask to take photos with me. But after, as I turned to walk away, I'd overhear them commenting that I was fat. It was disheartening.)

She really took these comments to heart and she told herself, "It’s my obligation to the viewers also that I look good and I feel good about myself."

Adding that if she doesn't feel good about herself, it would "radiate through her aura" and it won't have a positive outcome.

When she turned 40, her birthday wish was to really to lose weight.

“All my life I’ve been doing things sa ibang tao (for other people). Sabi ko at this point when I turn forty, I’d like to gift myself to look better."

Thanks sis @amyopenheart and @coseeleganti for my fab dress :)

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In less than a year, Aiko manage to slim down from 195 to 148 pounds.

“Gusto kong habulin iyong dalaga pa ako, pero hindi ko alam kung posible pa...noong dalaga pa ako, twenty-six ang baywang ko," she reveals.

(I want to get back to my weight before I had kids but I'm not sure if it's still possible. When I was younger, my waistline was only 26 inches.)

Her two kids, Andrei and Marthena are 17 and 9, respectively.

But more than trimming her waistline, the actress/politician embarked on this lifestyle change to become healthier.

Knowing that one's metabolism slows down by the age of 40, she knew she needed to make these changes.

“When I sweat, I feel good," she shares, crediting endorphins for her improved disposition.

Working on my arms!!! Coach @longlongmorales pahardcore na tayo ah :) @elordewackwack

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“Kasi kapag na-attain mo na iyong sinasabing, ‘Uy, pumayat ka, pumayat ka,’ you shouldn’t stop," she shared.

(Because once people start telling you that you look like you lost weight, you shouldn't stop."

“You should always treat your first day of exercise as if it’s not your first day," she shared. "It’s an everyday development, progress...kapag tinamad ka, wala na (but if you get lazy, then all is lost)."

It's been two years since she gave up rice and pork. Her daily food intake? 1,500 calories.

But when she's working, she indulges in a bit of meat. And she occasionally treats herself to dessert. It's all about healthy portions and not depriving oneself (to avoid bingeing).

Though "gym, diet, and determination" are the main components of her regimen, it's also admirable that she's been open about other methods of weight loss that have helped her on her journey. She recently shared her other "partner" in slimming down.

The proud mom is truly loving life--which is what a true fitspiration is.

#myloves #myLife @andreyllana and @jickainmarthena ❤️❤️❤️

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This sexy momma proves that looking good and feeling good really do go hand-in-hand. Every woman knows that a new outfit can do wonders for motivation!

Thank you @beamaz1ng for my work out clothes :) sis @dianazubirismith ???? @rownita ????????????

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"You are what you eat," they say, and Aiko has certainly been nourishing her body with the healthiest of meals.

Complete meal today by @gourmadebychefroblau ❤️ #healthyeating #choosewhatyoueat

A photo posted by Ms Aiko Melendez (@aikomelendez) on

She even indulges now and then, with a healthy dose of restraint.

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