He was just playing outside when a milk tanker crushed him to death

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On a clear day in the Northland town of Maungaturoto in New Zealand, five-year-old boy Tahu was outside playing when a milk tanker crushes him to death.

On a clear day in the Northland town of Maungaturoto in New Zealand, five-year-old boy Tahu was outside playing. He was merely a hundred meters from his house, so what could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, there were a lot.

Young Tahu was riding his pushbike when he fell on the footpath. Unbeknownst to him, a massive milk tanker was fast approaching. Before Tahu could jump out of the way, the vehicle’s wheels were on him. Tahu was crushed to death

He died on a Friday, and by Sunday, hand-picked flowers lay on the site on which he died, from neighbors who remembered him as a “fun and happy child.”

The managing director of global operations, Robert Spurway, of the dairy company for which the driver works has isseud a statement saying, “This is a terribly tragic accident and our thoughts are with the child's family and loved ones.”

He also said that the company was now working with police and supporting the driver and local community after the tragic accident.

Parents, when was the last time you stopped to consider not only the place at which your kids are playing, but also its surrounding areas? Can strangers easily access it? Is it a high-traffic location? What are other threats that lurk just around the corner?

Never too safe

Keep in mind some of these pointers to make sure that every time your child is playing outside, they are being safe:

  • Never leave young children alone to play near parked or moving vehicles in driveways.
  • Separate your child’s play areas from driveways. For example, you could fence off the driveway or garage so your child can’t run towards it.
  • Always hold your child’s hand near cars, even if you’re just near your driveway or walking to the letterbox.
  • Check if your child stops, looks, listens and thinks before crossing the road.
  • Talk about road rules in simple terms walking and talking together with your child around the streets.
  • Make sure your child wears colors that are bright and easy to see.
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