International rescue team still searching for junior footballers trapped in Thai Caves

International rescue team still searching for junior footballers trapped in Thai Caves

Despite the search going on for more than five days, families are still hopeful that members of the teenage football team trapped in a cave will be rescued.

Much of Asia has been waiting with bated breath, hoping that a team of young footballers trapped in a cave in Thailand will be found and rescued soon. Even though it is now the fifth day that these young boys have been missing, hopes are still high they’ll be found safe and sound.

Football Team Trapped in a Cave for Five Days: What Happened?

football team trapped in a cave

Families have made makeshift shrines to pray for the safety of the football team trapped in a cave.

Last Saturday (23 June), a group of 12 boys aged between 11-16 from a youth football team, along with their 25-year-old coach, went inside a cave in Thailand. However, they were unable to escape, as rising flood waters prevented them from coming back the way they came in.

Five days on, rescuers are still to find the missing boys and their coach.

Officials have brought water pumps and hoses in an attempt to drain the water from the cave. However, the strong rainfall is making it difficult for them to completely drain the water. They’ve also had to stop the search today due to continuing heavy rains.

Navy divers have also been called to action, and the latest is that search and rescue teams from England have also joined. But so far, none have made contact with the group. However, they have discovered handprints in some parts of the cave which are believed to belong to the missing boys.

On Tuesday, Thai Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon shared, “We are still optimistic they are all alive. Even though they may not have anything to eat, they should have water to drink.”

In the meantime, families of the missing boys are on a constant vigil right outside the cave.

Most of them are waiting, while some have set up makeshift shrines and are praying for the safety of their loved ones.

One father shares, “I asked for all God’s wishes, but I’m certain in my heart that they will survive. They have been inside the cave before.”

The cave the boys got trapped in, called the Tham Luang Nang Non, is a common tourist attraction. The cave has been known to flood severely during the rainy season.

We will be updating this story as it progresses.

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Source: BBC

Photo screencapped from: YouTube

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