For the mom who misses her freedom

For the mom who misses her freedom

Jayreen de Guzman-Yasoña is a mom of 2, a blogger, a co-founder of The Momma Club, a video content creator for The Girl Dad PH, and an aspiring entrepreneur. She left her corporate job a few years ago to focus on her daughter (who was still a baby back then).

It may be hard for you to believe, but someday you will miss all of it, even the things that you don’t like about parenting.  Yes, even the messy stuff, even the annoying things that come with mothering little humans.

I know there are days when you daydream.  Sometimes, you wish to be transported back to those times when you did not have to wipe icky snot, throw dirty diapers, and wash baby bums.  I know you may be frustrated over the fact that there is no real-life mute button.  And that you wonder why your husband’s cool with the whining and crying, but you have difficulty tuning out the noise and screams of your children.

I also know that you long to have more date nights with your husband.  And by date nights, I mean actual dates, and not the chill-and-binge-on-series kind.

I know that you long for peace, to have time for yourself.  To enjoy a meal without having to watch your child finish hers.

I know that you wish you could take a shower without hurrying and without an alarm in your head signaling that it’s almost a minute.  I know that you would like to do your business in the toilet without someone pounding on the door asking- mom, are you pooping?

The list goes on. It is okay that you feel and think those things.  

But you know what, it will be over before you know it.   And you’ll miss all of it- the clinginess, the mess, and everything that comes with being a parent.  How do I know?  Or rather, when did I know? One day, I just realized it’s been a long while since my daughter waited for me outside the bathroom.  No more sitting on the doorstep. No more incessantly asking in a singsong voice- mom are you done yet?

Just like that.  They really grow up so fast.  So revel in their hugs and kisses, the craziness, the madness. Enjoy their childhood, the years will just zoom by.  They are young only once.


Written by Jayreen de Guzman-Yasoña of The Momma Club

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