To The Mom Who Thinks Motherhood is a Competition

To The Mom Who Thinks Motherhood is a Competition

Jayreen de Guzman-Yasoña is a mom of 2, a blogger, a co-founder of The Momma Club, a video content creator for The Girl Dad PH, and an aspiring entrepreneur. She left her corporate job a few years ago to focus on her daughter (who was still a baby back then).

A mom pens an open letter to moms who think that motherhood is a competition. She is calling a ceasefire to mom-shaming and a move to empowering other moms.


Motherhood should not be about passing or failing. It is not about who has the most behaved children. Nor it is about raising genius ones.

It is not about whose baby can already walk. It is not about whose baby can already recite the alphabet or spell words out.

It is not about who lost the baby weight the fastest and can make any outfit look wow.

It is not about owning the latest mommy gear nor decorating the prettiest nursery. It is not about who posts the most instagram-worthy photos.

Motherhood is about the happy mess, sincere laughter, mischievous smiles, snots and whatnot.

I get it why a mom can feel overwhelmed with motherhood these days. It is not easy seeing other moms who seem to be slaying motherhood while you are struggling with your journey each passing day.

Let’s not compare ourselves with each other. Nor compete whose ways are better. Because we all have our bad days. Some choose to share it, some would rather not (and there is really nothing wrong with that).

So it does not mean you are failing, mom! Chin up, hug your bubs, shower them with your kisses and love.

Motherhood is beautiful. Motherhood can be better if there is no mom shaming.

We should inform, not ridicule. Empower, not dishearten. Let’s make the journey more wonderful for our fellow moms.

Motherhood is still beautiful despite the painful things that may come with it. Despite strangers (or even loved ones) saying or implying that you don’t measure up. Despite the biting comments and harsh words that may come your way.

Because at the end of the day, looking at your lovely children will make it all okay.


Written by Jayreen de Guzman-Yasoña of The Momma Club

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