4 Reasons why you should have other friends aside from your husband

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Your hubby may be your best friend, but this doesn't mean he should be your only friend. Here are the benefits of cultivating friendships outside marriage!

Being best friends with your spouse is an important way to make sure your marriage remains unbreakable through life’s challenges. But this does not mean you should take for granted other friendships, as they can bring a lot of good things into your life, too.

Here are some reasons why you should cultivate friendships outside marriage!

1. Men and women differ in the way they think

Having a loyal and supportive set of girlfriends gives you more opportunities to get different takes on a certain issue or struggle you may be having. Both men and women have their strengths and a unique way of approaching things. You can benefit greatly from advice from various sources.

2. Personal improvement should still a priority

Even in a committed relationship, you should still invest in your own personal development. Having a good set of like-minded women as friends aside from your husband pushes you to constantly improve and work towards your goals. It can also enrich your marriage because all the pressure to motivate and encourage you isn’t on your spouse, who is surely dealing with responsibilities of their own.

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3. They can help you grow as a mother and a wife

Having friends who are wives or moms already helps you deepen your understanding and knowledge of marriage and parenthood. They can offer a listening ear, helping hand, and a place you can run to at times when you feel like your husband doesn’t fully understand your mommy problems.

4. They offer a supportive community

It takes a village to raise a child, but it can also take a village to help keep a marriage happy. Maintaining healthy friendships outside of marriage buffers your relationship from hardship. Trusted and loving friends push you both to be the best versions of yourselves for one another. When times get rough, they help you see the good in each other and in the life you’re building together.

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