Parents, mark your calendars. The 'Frozen' sequel is coming out sooner than we thought!

Parents, mark your calendars. The 'Frozen' sequel is coming out sooner than we thought!

Let the countdown begin!

We’ve been singing “Let It Go” since 2013 – yup, it has really been five years! And it seems our favourite snow queen is coming back earlier than anticipated. Frozen 2 release date has been announced to be November 22, 2019

(Let the countdown begin!)

Frozen 2 Release Date Announced

Its initial expected launch date was to be November 27, but it was announced that it would be brought forward. Frozen fans can look forward to Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell voicing our two favourite characters (aside from Olaf!), princesses Elsa and Anna. 

Unsurprisingly, fans have big expectations for the film since the sequel was announced last April.

Frozen 2 will be directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, the directors of the original Frozen. The first film won two Oscars and ranks as the highest-grossing animated film of all time. Jennifer says that they have been working on this soundtrack for over TWO years now. 

Parents, you should prepare yourself. Word is that there are at least four new songs that will have your kids excited, with one of them being an adaptation of Let it go

Rumours are swirling like snowflakes…

frozen 2 release date

Frozen 2 release date announced and it’s coming sooner than we expected! | Image source: File photo

Since the announcement of the sequel, many speculations have emerged online. One particularly interesting rumour is that Elsa will have a female love interest. Of course, the filmmakers have not confirmed this. 

However, co-director Jennifer Lee, said in an interview that she loves everything people are saying and thinking about the film. 

“Elsa is this wonderful character that speaks to so many people,” she says, adding that it means the world to them that they are part of these conversations.

So what do you think, parents? Are you as excited for this launch as you know your kids will be? 

Should this rumour actually be true, are you ready as a parent, to handle the questions your kids will be throwing your way after watching the movie? 

Some questions they might ask

1. Can girls/boys marry each other?

2. What does gay/lesbian mean? 

3. Can boys turn into girls? 

4. Must there be a mum and a dad to have a baby? 

5. How come boys can’t wear pink? 

6. What does it mean when two girls/boys kiss? 

Here are some ways to talk to your kids about LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) relationships

frozen 2 release date

Frozen 2 release date announced. Anticipate questions that might come up. | Image source: Pixabay

1. Invite your LGBT friends over to discuss it with them. You might have your LGBT friends over quite often, but do your children realise that they’re a couple and not just good friends? Explain to your kids about the different types of couples out there, or have your friends explain it if you think it might be better received. But most importantly, promote acceptance and treat it like it is something normal. 

2. Break the gender stereotypes at home first. A lot of misunderstandings happen when parents make their children conform to gender stereotypes. Start young. Introduce your daughters to football and cars, and let your boys play with dolls and learn to bake. These are little things that can assist in their understanding that the world isn’t always black and white. 

3. Address any derogatory or hateful comments immediately. If you catch your child saying things like, “That’s so gay!” Ask them first, if they know what that word means, and if they realise that it isn’t meant to be a “bad” word. Show them how to use the word appropriately instead. 

4. Encourage them to watch or read more programmes with a diversified cast. More and more TV shows, movies and books have more characters in the LGBT community. There are many family-friendly shows that showcase the LGBT community. If questions arise during viewing, address them immediately and act normal throughout the show. 

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Source: Metro

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