We're pregnant! 15 fun and creative pregnancy announcements ideas

We're pregnant! 15 fun and creative pregnancy announcements ideas

Proclaim the good (baby) news with creative announcements such as these!

Since the next 9 months of pregnancy will be marked morning sickness, nausea, and instances of your baby kicking your bladder every few minutes, why not have fun before everything goes its merry way? We only joke, of course.

Pregnancy is a wonderful, glorious, and exciting journey, so why not announce it with a little wit, humor and a pinch of creativity?

Here are some cheeky, fun and creative pregnancy announcements, which will hopefully inspire you.


Such a witty idea. Vanila Ice would be so proud!


If your hubby doesn't know yet, gift him with a surprise package and ready  a camera to capture the moment.

ON THE NEXT PAGE A spook-tacular announcement


A trick... or a treat! Something fun and unexpected for Halloween.


Instead of an ultrasound, why not an X-ray?

ON THE NEXT PAGE A big breakfast announcement idea


A better pick-me-upper than coffee!


Who's ready to play? Waiting for player No. 3.

ON THE NEXT PAGE Sharing the news with your husband


Support from the hubby is always appreciated.


Two-for-one fun!

ON THE NEXT PAGE Track the pregnancy progress with this fun inspiration


Fill 'er up! Try something different for your weekly belly shots.


From guard dog to babysitter, why not?

ON THE NEXT PAGE A reel-y great idea


For horror fans and movie geeks, how about something inspired by your favorite film?


Daddy definitely needs time to digest the news, and this photo should come with sound effects from "Psycho."

ON THE NEXT PAGE The older siblings share the news


Don't we just love surprises?


Not every child thinks becoming an older sibling is a "promotion."

ON THE NEXT PAGE The Force is strong in this one


If stumped for ideas, you can always rely on friends, like this lady who turned to Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers.

Darth Vader: "I am NOT the father!"

Got something better? Share your ideas!

WATCH:Girl makes sweet announcement in photo booth

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