Gayuma solutions to spice up your love life

Gayuma solutions to spice up your love life

Moms and dads, check out these 5 gayuma and aphrodisiacs that are sure to spice up your love life! Read on to learn more.

Gayuma is a Filipino love spell or potion said to help boost the love lives of those with lonely hearts, so to speak. Some serve to make someone you desire attracted to you, while other more potent versions are more aphrodisiac in nature.


Quiapo is the go-to place in Manila for gayuma and other talismans.

Whether you believe in this form of folkloric magic or not, how to make and administer a gayuma does spark a lot of curiosity. In fact, many lovelorn individuals still flock to the vendors or mangagayumas located near Quiapo church to buy love potions, spells, and talismans.

If you feel that your love life could use a bit of spicing up, no need to be shy to try. Here are five gayuma and aphrodisiac solutions that you and your spouse could explore.

1. Entrapment via undergarment

If you want to ensure that your spouse desires no one else but you, this very simple gayuma could do the trick. All you need to do is take his or her underwear, and bury it.

It is said that the underwear owner will never desire anyone other than the person who cast the spell for as long as the garment remains buried. Once it is released from the ground, however, the libido of the target is supposedly also set free.


Get your special someone completely hooked on you with a bottled love spell.

2. Bottled love spells

Street vendors who sell amulets and potions often offer bottled gayuma mixtures containing various ingredients.

One version is made with deer antlers and beet root, which are both soaked in oil. To use this gayuma, you need to put a small amount of the mixture on the tip of your tongue and then spit it into a glass of soda or other kind of beverage, which you will then have your target drink.

Another type of bottled gayuma, which can supposedly get someone attracted to you, contains oddly-shaped twigs. The ritual you should do to activate it must be done alone. Start by writing the name of your target on a small piece of white paper. Then fill the bottle with perfume and scented oil. Finally, fold up the white paper and slip it into the bottle with the other ingredients. You should keep this bottle with you at all times, either in your pocket or bag.

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3. Crocodile what?

It isn’t just bottled spells that you can find in Quiapo, but other exotic aphrodisiacs as well. A supposedly potent libido-enhancer, believed to be of Chinese origin, is dried crocodile penis.

All you need to do is place a slice of the crocodile penis into a bottle of your favorite alcoholic drink. You should let the piece soak in the alcohol for about four months. It is said that drinking a cup of this each day can help cure erectile problems and boost sexual desire.


Believe it or not, your underwear can be a powerful ingredient for a gayuma!

4. Turn your favorite dish into a gayuma

Yes, even the food you cook and serve at home can be used as a gayuma. Apart from the usual ingredients for the dish, you will need a used pair of your own underwear, laundry soap and water, plus a clean basin of mineral water.

First, wash your underwear as you normally would. Then, use the separate basin of mineral water for one final rinse. Place some of the final rinse water into a dropper.

Use the dropper to add five drops of the final rinse water into the rice or viand you are preparing, as it is cooking. You could also place the five drops directly into your target’s drink.

It is said that your underwear fabric is a reservoir that holds the excess energy from your sex chakra, and this is what gives power to the water used to wash these garments.


Filipinos swear by Soup No. 5 as a powerful aphrodisiac because of it’s key ingredients – beef penis and testicles.

5. Good old Soup No. 5

Soup No. 5 is an exotic Filipino dish that has long been said to have aphrodisiac properties. This soup contains five Chinese herbs and the key ingredient of beef penis and testicles.

The traditional belief behind this aphrodisiac dish is that if you want a certain body part to become stronger, you eat that same body part from an animal. In the case of Soup No. 5, the meat it contains can supposedly help make a man more virile.

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