15 Trendy (and popular) gender-neutral baby names

15 Trendy (and popular) gender-neutral baby names

These baby names are so beautiful and perfect, they go beyond the label of "just for boys" and "just for girls"!

Sometimes a baby name is so special, and so perfect that it transcends the label of "just for boys" or "just for girls". These names are known as gender-neutral names, and they're always a viable option for your baby-to-be!

That said, there are always a wave of trendy and popular baby names out there! Just recently, NameBerry (the definitive source for baby names) collaborated with The Huffington Post to share the most popular and trendiest baby names on the market at the moment!

If you're looking for an awesome name for your boy or girl, here's a list of popular gender-neutral names that will fit any occasion!


1. Alex

If you really think about it, Alex is a pretty common name. However, in recent years, the name has fallen out of top 100 lists for both males and females. Maybe it's because for generations, Alexander and Alexandra/Alexandria were pretty popular names which had many parents opting out of using it. Now we can see that the name is making a furious comeback and is always a beautiful and viable option for your baby boy or girl.


2. Amari

The name, which in Sanskrit translates to "immortal strength", hasn't really been noted as popular in most countries. In recent history, though, the name seems to be on the rise. Probably due to the fact that the name has begun to be used for boys as opposed to strictly for girls.


3. Charlie

Short for Charles, and short for Charlotte for girls, has been rising in popularity as of late. Especially in the US where 1,600 boys and 1,500 girls received the name last year alone!

gender-neutral baby names

4. Denver

A great male or female name that evokes a sense of strong, and wise demeanor and character. It's still not the most common name out there, but NameBerry believes it's on the rise!


5. Landry

This classic name derivative of French and English roots, roughly translates to "ruler", which means it's a pretty powerful name for your little boy or girl. In the US, it's typically a surname, but it works just as well as a first name.


Looking for names that are perfectly suited for both boys and girls? Check out page 2 for more great choices!

6. Linden

This unique name (that just so happens to be on the rise) is perfect for boys, and can even be abbreviated to "Linda" for girls. It was most popularly used in the 1940s, but it's clearly on its way back to relevance.


7. Merritt

Thought of as an old-style, good fortune name. It's definitely not a name that you'll see commonly pop up on any lists, but it's an interesting choice for your son or daughter.


8. Nikita

This typically female-based Russian name is starting to appear n baby boys' birth certificates everywhere! Probably because it's an appropriate abbreviation for the name "Nicolas". It may not be overtly masculine to all ears, but it's a great name, and it's apparently on the rise in a number of countries.


9. Azariah

This name is right of the bible, and understandably so; it translates to "helper of God" in Hebrew. If you're an avid analyst of the bible, you're familiar with the name because there are 25 total within the New and Old testament. However, it's been widely accepted as a suitable name for both genders.


10. Jael

Though it's literal translation isn't very majestic, to say the least ("mountain goat"), that doesn't mean it's not a great name. Also, it's got a great history as it is also from the bible. In case you're not familiar, Jael was a biblical heroine, the slayer of Sisera in the Book of Judges who helped take back Israel. Sounds like a powerful candidate for your daughter or son!

gender-neutral baby names

11. Oakley

Taking its meaning from the tree, this name has some solid roots (pun intended). It's been rising in popularity since 2015, and NameBerry reports it's not simmering down anytime soon.


12. Ridley

More than likely popularized by famous director Ridley Scott, this name (meaning "cleared wood") is a perfect choice for your little boy or girl.


13. Salem

Though this name is rooted from Arabic backgrounds, it's most likely going to make people think of witchcraft and wizardry. An interesting and unique name that seems to keep climbing up the list of popular names for boys and girls.


14. Storm

We probably don't need to explain the meaning of this name for boys and girls, but there's no doubt that fans of X-Men will find solace in naming their daughter this powerful name. However, NameBerry says it's also rather popular with baby boys as well!


15. Tracy

Originally a French name, this name gained popularity in North America in the 1970s...however, it soon faded away. Sure, there's a fe Tracys in popular culture (Tracy Chapman and Tracy McGrady to name a few) but for the most part the name fell off. At least until now!


This article was based on a publication from The Huffington Post

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