My daughter only wants to play with “boy” toys. What should I do?

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Should you limit your child's play based on their gender?

What do you do when your son refuses to play with anything but dolls? What about a daughter who’d rather play with cars? One ParentTown user had that very question.

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Though most toy stores today are marked by segregated pink and blue aisles, this was only a relatively recent development. It was only until the 1980s and 1990s when toys started to become more gender segregated. Why, then, do we insist that there is a right way to play?

In response to Mark’s question, Goldwin G. wrote, “You should encourage her to play with whatever interests her because play is genderless. Even role-playing is good for a children to discover themselves and learn about/empathize with other people.”

“Teach her at an early age not to limit herself.”

Bianca M. wrote that supporting your child’s interest will help her form her own personality:

“I believe you should allow her to play with whatever interests her. Teach her at an early age not to limit herself. This will encourage her to form her own personality and it will inspire her to be whatever she wants to be. Plus: supporting her interests will make her feel how much you love her!”

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