LOOK: Model Georgina Wilson pregnant with her first child!

LOOK: Model Georgina Wilson pregnant with her first child!

"I'm pregnant. I'm expecting," confirmed the Brit-Filipina model. Learn how she found out that she's pregnant and what being a mom-to-be has taught her, so far

"I'm pregnant. I’m expecting," beamed Georgina Wilson in an interview with her close friend, Raymond Gutierrez, to promote her latest show on E! called It Girls.

The IT Girl and mom-to-be married British businessman Arthur Burnand four months ago at St. Peter Catholic Church in Winchester, United Kingdom.

It was an unexpected but welcome blessing. "It’s such a surprise! I mean I can’t even [imagine], like, how much of a shock it was for me," she gushed. "I found out a few weeks ago that I was four months pregnant."

Baby Burnand is on the way ????????????

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"I was working out so hard and dieting so hard and I couldn’t understand why I had a pouch, like a little tummy," recounted the model and TV Host. "And, you know, it’s just funny, like, you think you can plan life, but life just has a mind of its own and it’s just so exciting."

Watch the full interview on E! News Asia below

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Just three months before they tied the knot, her fans  found out there was a special man in her life.

Georgina’s cousin, actress Isabelle Daza, said in a recent Snapchat video, “Marrying Georgina means marrying all of us…You fit her so perfectly and we’re so happy to welcome you into our family.”

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ #theburnands

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She talks more about keeping her relationship and wedding plans private in an interview with Preview Magazine.

Wedding hugs ❤❤❤ #theburnands

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“Everybody noticed the change in me. I was so much happier and so much lighter, and they knew that something was really really right. And when they met him, they understood,” she said in the video clip.

My prince charming???? #theburnands

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Check out their wedding video directed by Jason Magbanua below!

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