Pregnant girl found dead and hanging from a tree in Bataan

Pregnant girl found dead and hanging from a tree in Bataan

The 20-year-old was missing for 4 days before her body had been found hanging from a tree. She was 4 months pregnant when she died.

Angelique Charlotte Bulatao, 20, was found hanging from a tree in Pastolan Village in Hermosa, Bataan on January 30. She was four months pregnant.

She had been missing for 4 days

According to her neighbors, the half-Chinese, half-Aeta victim was last seen buying barbecue on January 27. At about 8am on January 30, she was found covered by a blanket and hanging from a tree.

Her relatives added that a wooden object was found inserted in her genitals.

"I could not believe this happened to her"

Her grandmother has been devastated by what happened to her. She shares, "I could not believe this happened to her. She was young and she didn’t have enemies."

She adds that her granddaughter's killers are "merciless", and "inhuman".

According to reports, she was last seen in the company of 4 laborers who were hired to work on a solar power plant project in the area.

They were drinking with the victim's mother

Three suspects have been arrested, including one of her uncles, and her mother's live-in partner.

According to the victim's mother, the men got her drunk, and once she was drunk, they raped her daughter, and killed her.

Currently, the police are looking for one more suspect. The suspects will be charged with rape with homicide for their crimes.

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