GrabFood now delivers frozen goods from your select favorite restaurants

GrabFood now delivers frozen goods from  your select favorite restaurants

Your favorite comfort food are now available in ready-to-cook packs!

GrabFood, the leading online food delivery platform in the Philippines, now delivers frozen goods from select partner restaurants in Metro Manila. This will further help provide Filipinos acquire essential goods, and support the income of partner merchants with the ongoing community quarantine.

GrabFood now delivers frozen goods from  your select favorite restaurants

Subject to the varying community quarantine guidelines of local government units, only select branches of partner merchants will be operational.

  • Max’s Restaurant

Who doesn’t love Max’s Restaurant’s Crispy Pata? Now, you can order Regular, Large, or Family sized RTC Crispy Pata packs so you can cook and enjoy the deep-fried pork goodness solo or with your loved ones. Want more? Add their famous RTC Boneless Bangus into your basket and experience the best of Max’s Restaurant’s menu in the comfort of your own dining room.

  • Pancake House

Since April, Pancake House has opened selected branches for delivery so you can still get the yummy, classic pancakes you know and love.

Available for home cooking are Fish Rolls with Lumpia Sauce, Fish Rolls, Pork Vienna with Polka Sauce, and Pork Vienna. Cook spaghetti a la Pancake House by ordering their signature Spaghetti Sauce (900 grams-1 kilogram/pack)!

  • Starbucks

Fill your home with the smell of home-brewed Starbucks coffee! Who says you can’t enjoy one of your go-to coffee places in the safety of your home, right? Choose the right blend for you with the variety of beans Starbucks offers from Caffe Verona, Espresso Roast, Sumatra coffee beans and more!

  • Panda Express

Looking for Chinese-American cuisine with healthy yet tasty options? Panda Express has reopened since mid-April, making their signature dishes available for delivery within Metro Manila. They’re serving Broccoli Beef, Kung Pao Chicken, and of course, their best-selling Orange Chicken, among other well-loved choices.

If you’re up for some good ol’ cooking, you can order their delicious Chow Mein Noodles in RTC packs so you can make the popular dish they’re all lining up for in your own kitchen.

  • Teriyaki Boy

Whether you’re planning to make a yummy bento box for a frontliner, or simply craving some Japanese fare for your quarantine routine, Teriyaki Boy is open for delivery, complete with RTC menu items.

Order your their oh so oishii RTC Teriyaki Boy Chicken, RTC Tonkatsu, RTC Brined Chicken, and RTC Brined Tonkatsu at home. Itadakimasu!

  • Lugang Cafe

Go all-out on various Asian dishes with frozen goods from Lugang Cafe and Tuan Tuan! They’re offering dimsum favorites, such as Vietnamese Egg Roll, TuanTuan Siomai, Lugang Cafe Siomai, and Kutchay Dumplings.  They also offer marinated meats such as Marinated Chicken Wings, Chicken Feet, Marinated Taosi Spareribs, and more!

  • Tuan Tuan
  • Minute Burger

Craving a freshly made Minute Burger? Now you can create your own with Meaty Bundles! Their RTC menu includes Chicken Patty, Cheesedog, New York Hotdog, and Franks.

  • Bucky’s

Get your fill of yummy Bucky’s favorites with RTC  Fried Chicken, Twister Fries, Baked Ziti w/ Ragu, and Meatloaf w/ Mashed Potatoes.

  • Racks

Hungry for marinated ribs? Fill your pantry with frozen goods from the well-loved RACKS menu. Enjoy a hearty breakfast with their RTC Bacon Strips, Hungarian Sausage, Garlic & Cheese Sausage or Louisiana Hot Link.

For lunch or dinner, serve their best-selling Baby Ribs, Classic Pork Ribs, Beef Ribs and more! You can even do your DIY Steak Dinner with a set of US Ribeye Steak with steak run and large frozen fries. Don’t forget the sauce — they have big bottles of Regular and Extra Hot Original Barbecue Sauces available for delivery as well.

  • Potato Corner and Nacho Bimby

Whether you’re a Barbeque fan, a Sour Cream type, or a Cheese aficionado, you can now make your favorite Potato Corner fries with their Cook-At-Home Fries Kit, which includes 1 Bag of Frozen Fries and 1 Flavor Packet of your choice.

For Nacho Mucho goodies, Pulled Beef, Quezo Frito (Mozzarella Sticks), Hungarian Sausage, and Cheese Sausage are all in stock.

  • Conti’s

Have your favorite Conti’s menu items delivered to your doorstep! You can now fill your fridge with their Frozen Beef Caldereta, Frozen Callos, Frozen Lengua Estofado, Frozen Roast Beef, Frozen Embotido, and Frozen Laing so you can cook and enjoy them any time you need a satisfying Filipino meal.

  • Ayer’s Lechon

For all lechon lovers in Cebu City, Ayer’s Lechon is finally back to serve you with frozen items from their mouthwatering menu! Frozen Lechon Regular and Frozen Spicy Belly Lechon are all available in ready-to-cook packages.

For other pork specialties, you may also choose their Frozen Dugo, Frozen Sisig, and Frozen Bulaklak . What’s more, they also have Kimchi so you can pair the fave Korean dish with your lechon.


For a list of available products per partner merchant, you may visit Menu availability may vary per branch due to mobility restrictions.

To continuously safeguard consumers and delivery-partners, GrabExpress will strictly adopt contactless delivery by keeping at least one meter distance when delivering the order. Consumers are encouraged to go cashless by using GrabPay, a built-in mobile wallet within the Grab app, for full contactless experience and safer transactions.

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