9 Great ways to declutter your home!

9 Great ways to declutter your home!

The start of the year is probably the best time to declutter your home. So why not try out some of these tips to get your home more organized!

Trying to declutter your home isn’t easy. How many times have you experienced trying to clean your house when you realize that it’s much more difficult than you thought?

Sometimes, it can even feel overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of things to sort through. That’s why we compiled a list of useful tips to help you keep your house organized. Now you can make decluttering your home a less daunting task!

declutter your home

Decluttering your home can be a daunting task. But these tips should help make things easier!

Declutter your home with these tips!

1. There’s no need to do it all at once

Baby steps are important. Cleaning your home in five-minute increments can help make things easier. It doesn’t feel as overwhelming as doing it all at once.

Start by cleaning your home five minutes today, then another five minutes tomorrow, and maybe five more minutes after that. You’ll find that eventually, you’ve started to make a dent in the mountain of clutter that you need to clean.

2. Give away old things

Take a look inside your closet and look at which things you can give away. You should also ask your kids to look for old toys they no longer play with. You can then donate them to a charity.

Not only are donations a good way of decluttering your home, it’s also a nice gesture to give your old – but still useful – things to those who’ll be able to use them.

3. Grab a trash bag, and fill it with things you need to throw away

Sometimes, the best way to get started with cleaning is to get a trash bag and fill it with old stuff that you no longer need, or that you need to dispose of.

This method makes it easy for you to decide which things you need to throw away and which things you may still find useful.

4. Make a list of what you need to declutter

Create a checklist of locations and things in your home that you desperately need to declutter.

Once you’re finished with a spot, cross that out on your list so that you can visualize how much work you still need to finish to completely declutter your home.

5. Do the 12-12-12 challenge!

The 12-12-12 challenge is pretty simple. Just look for 12 items to throw away, 12 items to donate, and 12 items that you need to re-organize.

This is a great way to quickly declutter your home, and you can even turn it into a fun family activity to see who can complete their 12-12-12 challenge the fastest!

6. Ask other people for a different perspective

Sometimes, you won’t be able to see the clutter in your home since you’re accustomed to the mess. It’s a good idea to ask your spouse, your kids, or even your friends to take a look at your house to check if it’s cluttered or not.

A new perspective on things might help you notice some clutter that you might have missed.

7. Try to live minimalist

Sometimes, the reason why your home gets cluttered is that you might have a lot of things that you think you need, but really don’t.

Try and live a minimalist lifestyle and see if that suits you. Living with less can give you a newfound appreciation for the things you have, not to mention you can save a lot since you’re only buying the essentials.

8. Think before you buy

Whenever you have the urge to buy something new for yourself, think first if you really need to buy it. Are you buying it simply for the sake of buying something new?

Think first, and not only can you save money, but you can also make sure that you’re not adding unnecessary clutter to your home.

9. Try the four-box method

The four-box method is another way for you to easily declutter your home. All you need are four boxes; one for trash, one for things you need to keep, another for those you need to relocate, and a box for items that you’ll be giving away.

Now go to a room that you need to declutter, and make sure that you’re putting each and every little thing inside the boxes. Don’t cheat by skipping some items. This should help you get a better idea of what things should go where.


Source: becomingminimalist.com

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