How to harness rice water's beauty and health benefits to be glowing all over

How to harness rice water's beauty and health benefits to be glowing all over

Rice water is an ancient, tried-and-tested beauty balm, hair conditioner, and healthy drink. Learn more about tapping its benefits here

For centuries, rice water has been one of Asia’s best kept secrets. Aside from boasting a variety of beauty benefits–as an efficient skin toner and hair wash—it is also good for the health.

Rice water is the liquid which remains in the pot after boiling rice. It contains many vitamins and minerals as well as Pitera, which is great for revitalizing skin. In fact, many expensive skin care products meant for clearing up and maintaing glowing skin are formulated with Pitera.

Rice water may be an inexpensive alternative but it is no less effective as a beauty balm which cleanses, tones, and lightens dark spots.

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How to prepare rice water

You will need

  • Half a cup of organic rice (because it’s free from pesticides)
  • Water
  • Glass jar with lid

Talk half a cup of organic rice and fill it with enough water to submerge it fully. Let it soak until the water becomes cloudy.

If you have doubts whether the rice is clean enough, simply discard it and begin again.

The resulting rice water can be used just like any other toner. Once cloudy, pour it into a glass jar and store in your refrigerator.

It will last for four to five days.

To apply, wash your face, and then soak a cotton pad in rice water and dab it all over your face. This will restore your youthful glow while tightening your pores.

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Rice water as a deep hair conditioner

The same process applies to rice water used to deeply condition and soften hair. Applying rice water after shampooing helps improve hair elasticity, detangling it, making it more manageable and healthier-looking.

In fact, women in China have believed for centuries that fermented rice water keeps their hair shiny, healthy, and long.

According to a study by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, Japanese rice water (also called Yu-Su-Ru) was found to improve elasticity and reduce surface friction.

After your regular shampoo, rinse your hair with rice water, leave it on for a few minutes and then wash it off thoroughly.

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photo: google

How rice water benefits your overall health

Drinking rice water promises a host of health benefits. Because of its high carbohydrate content, it provides loads of energy. Rice water is also packed with eight essential amino acids as well as vitamins and nutrients, which keep you healthy and glowing from the inside out.

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