10 Health problems your skin might be telling you

10 Health problems your skin might be telling you

It’s an often overlooked fact that the problems that manifest in our skin often signal that there is a deeper health issue at work.

It’s an often overlooked fact that our skin is indicative of our overall health. The problems that manifest in our skin often signal that there is a deeper health issue at work.

Based from the branch of natural medicine called Ayurveda, here are ten skin problems everyone needs to know, based from Mariel Reimann’s Family Share article.

(It's important to note that the best way to find out whether or not you do suffer from these health issues is through your doctor, and that these findings should be taken with a grain of salt.)

Horizontal wrinkles, mostly on side of eyes and forehead

What these lines are saying is that you may be overwhelmed by situations that worry you. These lines may also result from excess sugars and liquid fats in our diet.

Vertical wrinkles, especially on right side of eyebrow

Vertical lines may mean that you have a weakened liver function, or on the other hand it may be due to an intoxicated liver.

Vertical lines on left side of eyebrow

If these lines are on the left side of the eyebrow, they may indicate liver impairment as well as a weakening of the vessel.

Crease on top of the nose

These lines are common with people who are predisposed with allergies. It may also mean that there’s something wrong with your gut or digestive tract.

Bags under the eyes

This is one of the most notorious skin problems people suffer from. What these bags indicate is the presence of fluid retention problems as well as kidney problems.

Inflated eyes

If you have inflated eyes, you are consuming too much fat and sugar in your diet.

Dark circles

The issue behind this problem may be obvious: lack of rest. But there’s another issue linked to it: iron deficiency.

Yellow skin

Also known as jaundice,yellow skin may mean that you are suffering from liver problems.

Reddish skin

Not to be confused with sun exposure from tanning, reddish skin discoloration may mean that you are suffering from vitamin D deficiency.

“Drinks such as coffee, alcohol and spicy foods can produce dehydration;,” said the Family Share article. “This, coupled with the lack of vitamin D, results in the reddish discoloration of the skin on your face.”

Wrinkles at the corners of the mouth and lips

These lines are caused by lack of vitamin B. If these lines are coupled by chapped lips, it might mean that you also lack Vitamin C.

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