Healthy foods for kids: Make a cute doggie sandwich!

Healthy foods for kids: Make a cute doggie sandwich!

Having a "ruff!" time packing healthy foods for kids in a manner that will entice them to eat? Then why not try making this cute doggie sandwich?


How would you like your kids to get excited about their school snacks every day?  A typical pre-schooler’s snack box would probably contain store bought cookies or biscuits, sandwich, or an occasional fruit.

With a little effort and a dose of creativity, you can turn ordinary sandwiches into something fun and creative. Incorporate fruits into your creations and get your child to have fun eating healthy, too!


My favorite snacks to prepare are bears and dogs because you don’t have to work so hard to make them cute. Here's how I made this doggie sandwich for my kids’ school snacks.

You will need:

  • Sliced bread, I used whole wheat
  • Sandwich spread your kids love, like cheese or Nutella
  • Googly eye food picks (or edible ones)
  • Chocolate covered raisin (for the nose)
  • Kitchen scissors or a good sharp knife

How to make it:

  1. Start with a slice of bread. Using a kitchen scissor or sharp knife, cut the outline of a dog on the bread. Do the same for another slice of bread so you have two pieces to make a sandwich. Spread cheese or Nutella, or whatever your kids like.


  1. Get another slice of bread, preferably the end part (yes the one that no one usually gets) to provide contrast in colors, cut out the dog’s two ears and snout. Put spread and stick them onto the sandwich.


3. Stick your plastic food pick googly eyes in their appropriate places. You may opt to use edible googly eyes using store bought or homemade googly eyes icing. I used a chocolate covered raisin on the snout to make the dog’s nose, but you may also use grape or raisin.


4. Place the sandwich in a snack box that provides just ample space to prevent excessive movement. The spread should be able to keep the pieces “glued” together.

So, in case you’re having a "ruff!" day, this sandwich should help put a smile on your face and remind you to keep calm because it’s going to get better.

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