Learning Time: Homeschooling for babies

Learning Time: Homeschooling for babies

Hong Kong-based company Learning Time is bringing baby homeschooling in the Philippines! From 4-24 months, babies can now learn through play.

Now more than ever, homeschooling in the Philippines is getting more and more popular. Parents are taking charge in their child’s education, opting to teach the K-12 curriculum by themselves with the help of different accredited home school facilitators.

But what about younger kids? How soon can you start homeschooling a child?

Hong Kong-based company, Learning Time, is starting baby homeschooling in the Philippines! Infants as young as 4 months old to toddlers up to 24 months can join the program.

Charlie Horowitz, curriculum director, “The program is for infants and toddlers. This age range can be overwhelming for some families. There’s so much research for the past decade or so—the science and the research tell us how important the ages 0 to 3 are.”

He adds, “Infants and toddlers have the ability to learn so much, to absorb so much. So we wanted to create powerful learning experiences and new discoveries for children. We wanted to guide caregivers on how to take advantage of this window for learning.”


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“Basically, the idea that we had for Learning Time is to give parents more resources to help with their children’s development, especially in those early years,” says Darren Suria, head of content development.

Through a subscription service, Learning Time sends parents a homeschooling kit, which has around 4-8 baby-friendly toys and storyboards. These toys are open-ended teaching materials that can be used and played with in different ways. 

Frances Suria, project coordinator, explains, “All our materials are open-ended, which means you can use them in many different ways. It’s not just a one-time play thing. You can do many different activities with one toy.”

Parents are guided on how to use these materials through the Learning Time app.

She adds that the app has “storytelling, songs, DIY activities, and videos that show how to use the materials that we provide them.”

homeschooling in the Philippines

A sample of a Learning Time homeschooling kit. Every month, subscribers will receive a homeschooling kit appropriate for their child’s age. 

Learning Time homeschooling kits can be availed through the following subscription plans:

  • 1 month: P2,899
  • 3 months: P7,599
  • 6 months: P13,799
  • 12 months: P25,999

For more information, visit Learning Time’s website.


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