Hong Kong Chief’s daughter slaps her mother in public

Hong Kong Chief’s daughter slaps her mother in public

In the video below, you can see the mother, Regina Tong, cradle her face after her she helped her daughter into a cab. That must have hurt, in more ways than one.

It was as if our president’s daughter slapped her own mother.

Leung Chai Yan, the Hong Kong Chief Executive’s daughter, was caught on video last November 1 slapping her mother as she boarded a taxi late in the evening.

Leung slapped and kicked her mother in front of cameras

While the reason for the outburst is unclear, reports indicate that Ms. Leung was rowdy and drunk from a Halloween party before her mother, Regina Tong, arrived on the scene.

She was in full Halloween regalia, and even told reporters when her mother was there with her, “You know this mom is not my actual biological mom?”

She then slapped her mother and got in a taxi. When Ms. Tong tried to get in the cab with her, Leung slapped and kicked her mother before leaving without her.

Mother defends daughter

Her mother has since defended her daughter and asked the media to leave the latter alone, because she only wanted to protect her friends from reporters.

In an interview with the South China Morning Post, Ms. Tong said that, “Chai-yan is a kind-hearted girl... (She) is innocent.”

Click 2 to find out more about Leung Chai Yan and her social media meltdowns.

Troubled Hong Kong Princess?

Things have not been stable for Chai Yan this year, according to her social media timeline.

In March, she complained about being detained against her will in her own home on Twitter.

She regularly posts about difficulties at home and her rocky relationship with her mother. She also put up a Facebook life event saying, “Leaving Home forever.”

In the same month, she was seen to have difficulty walking on the red carpet in a fundraiser for Foundation for Aids Research, and was assisted. During the Hong Kong protests, she gave thanks to HK taxpayers for her "beautiful shoes and dresses and clutches".

She later downplayed the statement and was shocked that it, "blew up".

The office of the Hong Kong Chief Executive has not made a comment on what happened. Watch the video of the incident below.

What do you think, parents? Just because she was drunk, was it all right to slap her mother without apologizing afterwards?

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