How can moms learn to let go of their breastfeeding guilt?

How can moms learn to let go of their breastfeeding guilt?

Mothers who choose to stop breastfeeding their child for one reason or another shouldn't have to suffer from breastfeeding guilt.

All mothers know that when it comes to their baby's nutrition, breastfeeding is the best option. However, some moms, for one reason or another, need to stop breastfeeding. This can then make them feel shame or failure, which can lead to feelings of breastfeeding guilt.

What is breastfeeding guilt?

Breastfeeding guilt is the feeling of shame or failure that some mothers have when they stop breastfeeding. As much as all mothers want to exclusively breastfeed their child for as long as possible, there are just some situations wherein it's not possible for them to do so.

It could perhaps be due to things beyond their control, such as if their milk supply runs out. It could also be because they need to work to provide for their family, and it's difficult for them to be able to pump enough milk for their little one.

Sometimes, breastfeeding can also be very painful, and not all mothers feel that they're up to the task so they decide to stop breastfeeding early on and opt for formula instead.

It doesn't make you less of a mother

Mothers need to know that just because you don't breastfeed your child, doesn't mean that you're less of a mother. A mother isn't measured by whether or not she breastfeeds, but by how much she cares for her little one.

Whatever the reason, the important thing is for mothers not to feel ashamed for their decision. The most important thing to remember is that you're doing the best that you can for your child, and no one should judge you for that.

Stop mom-shaming

These days, especially on the internet, a lot of mothers get shamed by other moms whenever they share photos of their child drinking formula milk, or if they share that their child isn't breastfed. This type of behavior should be stopped.

If anything, mothers should be more supportive of one another. After all, their experiences are the same. All of them love their children, and are doing all that they can in order to make sure that their children grow up well and healthy. At the end of the day, all mothers have the same love for their children, and that's something that should be celebrated.

So moms, don't feel guilty if you choose to stop breastfeeding. Just know that you're doing your best for your child, and no one can judge you for that.


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