How can parents prevent the dreaded 'summer slide'?

How can parents prevent the dreaded 'summer slide'?

Summer is the time for kids to relax, have fun, and just be kids. However, you can still plan activities to keep your kids' minds sharp!

'Summer slide', or the tendency of some students to fall behind in reading or math subjects is a well-known phenomenon. Which is why it's important for parents to find ways to keep their kids' minds sharp in order to prevent the dreaded 'summer slide'.

Here are some effective ways of preventing summer slide that we're sure your kids will also love.

1. Enroll your kids in summer programs

Thankfully, there are a lot of summer programs where your kids can both have fun and also learn at the same time.

Galileo Enrichment Program provides Filipino classes, Math, Programming, Animation, and even Junior Robotics classes for kids! They also have programs that teach your kids good study habits so that they'll always be ready for school.

Another great program to enrol your kids to would be in The Learning Library. They offer a Reading Safari, Filipino classes, and many more. They also have locations in San Juan, Quezon City, Makati, and Alabang.

2. Engage in educational trips for your kids

The Philippines is rich in culture and history. So instead of just going to the beach with your kids for the summer, why not try going on an educational trip instead?

There are a lot of educational trips as well as different zoos or art galleries that you can visit. You can also go to libraries and try and do something different with your kids.

3. Ask your kids to read over the summer

Another simple way of keeping your kids' minds sharp would be to ask them to read over the summer. You can go to a bookstore, and ask your kids to pick out 1-2 books that they're interested in.

You can check their progress by asking them what the book is about, what they found interesting, and what they learned from reading the book. Fostering a habit of reading in your kids is very important since it keeps their minds sharp and they'll take it with them until they grow older.

4. Go to a museum

The country is chock-full of galleries and museums that you can go to. The National Museum in Ermita, Manila, is open to the public, and there's no entrance fee, so it's a really good destination to go to.

Other museums, such as the Ayala museum, and the Metropolitan Museum have entrance fees, but they offer student discounts. Museums are a great way of teaching your kids about our history, as well as about art, and our heritage. It also keeps their brains working, and it helps build their love of learning.


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