Want to be a more 'relaxed mom'? Take your cue from Georgina Wilson

Want to be a more 'relaxed mom'? Take your cue from Georgina Wilson

Are you trying to feel less overwhelmed as a new mom? Here are a few lessons model-entrepreneur Georgina Wilson has learned during the first year of motherhood.

Georgina Wilson has a lot on her plate. With a restaurant chain, eyewear brand, and 11-month-old baby boy to care for, Georgina manages to stay relaxed through it all. How does she do it?

In an interview with ABS-CBN news, the 31-year-old Model/Entrepreneur shared some of what she has learned staying in control amid all the responsibilities as a new mom.

Spend as much time with your baby as possible

Even though she has to travel all over the world, she makes it a point to bring her baby wherever she goes.

“I bring him anywhere. I think that will make him stronger growing up. I think that’s probably my mothering style,” she explains. She also believes not babying her baby helps, too. “Don’t be scared because the baby is so much more resilient than you give it credit for.”

Make sure to radiate positive energy

The new mom has learned that her little one mirrors her moods.

“Babies really react to your energy as a mother. If you don’t want your baby to be worried and nervous, don’t be worried and nervous as a mother.” she advises, adding how moms should keep anxieties to themselves so as their babies would not absorb any negative energy.

how to be a more relaxed mom

photo: Georgina Wilson instagram account

Value the importance of self-care

For new moms like Georgina, self-care is very important, especially with all the pressure to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight.

“You have to give your body a chance to breathe. You just created a life,” says the breastfeeding mom, who also recounted how painful it was for her.

“My milk supply didn’t come in so it’s emotionally painful too. I wanted that bond and connection. I know that breastmilk is good for your baby so I really tried my best,” she recalls.

In the end, she realized it was not about her; it was about making sure her little one is healthy.

Good team = Good parents

Her husband Arthur Burnand is a British businessman based in Shanghai, but despite the distance they manage to make parenting work. Arthur makes it a point to come home to Manila as often as possible and Georgina and Archie often fly to China to visit him.

“Siya ‘yung in charge sa washing of bottles. He also changes his diapers,” she shares, gushing about how proud she is that her husband is very hands-on.

how to be a more relaxed mom

photo: Georgina Wilson instagram account

Learn from other moms

Since she’s a working mom, she does not have much time to read books about parenting. But she makes it a point to seek advice from fellow moms and professionals.

For the first four months, her baby boy did not have a yaya so she learned motherhood from scratch. Now that she has a helper, she makes sure they both care for baby Archie using the same style.

A hands-on working mom, Georgina believes in respecting mothering styles.

“What is important is everyone respects everyone’s mothering styles. If somebody wants to be full-on mom, go for it. If somebody wants to be a career mom, go for it,” she explained. “There’s a lot of judgement on what’s the proper way to be a mother, but as long as your baby is happy, I think you’re doing a good job.”

source: ABS-CBN news

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