9 Secret tips for a swift delivery

9 Secret tips for a swift delivery

Watch the video and prepare to be surprised...

When talking about vaginal birth, all moms want it to be a quick experience with minimal pain. Some moms are lucky to undergo quick labor, but for new moms, giving birth the first time is surely a nerve-wracking experience. It doesn’t help that you encounter plenty of stories about prolonged labor and how painful they are. But it doesn’t have to be like this. Here are some tips on how to give birth easily!

Video shows the process of quick labour

We found a 3-minute video that documents a process of rapid delivery in California, USA. This could be the fastest time it takes for normal delivery — it took roughly 30 seconds for the baby to be born after the mum’ first push!

The mum, Monica Diaz, commented under the channel that this was the fastest delivery compared to her last two deliveries. She didn’t experience any tears either, and so didn’t require any stitches.

How to give birth easily: 9 secret tips to speed up your delivery 

Moms, you can also experience a swift labor like Monica. Here are 9 secret tips on how give birth easily which you can practice.

1. Stay fit and healthy
how to give birth easily

How to give birth easily: attend a birthing class with your hubby so you know what will happen when the time comes. | Image Source: Stock Photo

 Tekoa King is a certified midwife and professor of obstetrics and gynecology from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). According to her, pregnant women who are healthy and fit tend to have shorter deliveries.

“Fitness increases endurance. If your body tends to be better able to tolerate labor, you tend not to need medical intervention, “says Tekoa.

Try to walk regularly, swim, or do pregnancy exercises. But of course, don’t forget to consult your midwife or obstetrician first, because every mum is different.

2. Attend a birthing class

Getting used to childbirth classes will help reduce your anxiety, moms. Try to find a suitable class near you and ask your hubby to tag along, too.

Choose small class with less than 10 participants and certified instructors who suit your goals.

3. Determine who will be your support system

Your husband will definitely be by your side before delivery all the way till you tend to your baby’s needs later on. But perhaps you may need additional help.

According to the results of a study in the Journal of Perinatal Education, pregnant women supported by doulas (a trained professional who accompanies pregnant women until childbirth) were much less likely to need a Caesarean section and epidurals.

Pregnant women accompanied by doulas also experienced a shorter labour than those that don’t. However, it isn’t compulsory for moms to engage in the services of a doula.

Other forms of support can also include choosing a trusted obstetrician, a good hospital, or someone who can help you and your hubby to care for the baby later.

4. Focus your attention on something else

For moms who are giving birth for the first time, the whole delivery process can take about 12-14 hours. So when the contractions do start, try to remain calm.

If you are worried, try to count the number of contractions and take a deep breath every time you feel pain. Focus your attention on other activities, such as traveling, bathing, or baking cakes.

Whatever works to relax you will speed up the delivery process, moms.

5. Choose a light snack
how to give birth easily

How to give birth easily: eat a light snack before entering labour so you’ll have enough energy to push, mums! | Image Source: Stock Photo

Having light snacks during the early stages of labor while you’re at home will provide you with enough energy for childbirth, mums. Avoid fatty food and food that is difficult to digest because a stomach that is too full will make you vomit or even poop when contractions begin to intensify.

Muscle contractions and rapid breathing during delivery will make you lose a lot of fluid, mums. Drinking a lot of water before labour will help speed things up.

6. Take a warm shower

Pain from the contractions will tense and stiffen up the muscles throughout your body, which eventually becomes very uncomfortable. Doctor Marcie Richardson, an obstetrician at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, says that a warm shower can reduce the discomfort.

To feel as though you were being massaged, direct the showerhead towards your back and waist.

7. Ask your hubby to massage you

In a study published under the Journal Expert Reviews of Gynecology and Obstretics, pregnant women who were massaged before labour experienced less pain and anxiety during childbirth compared to those who were not massaged.

Let your hubby know which parts of your body need to be massaged (like the shoulder or neck) when the initial contractions come. Then, apply strong pressure to the lower back during intense contractions.

Mums, don’t forget to also tell your hubby when you don’t want to be massaged at all.

8.Don’t lie down

Staying upright when you begin to feel contractions could allow gravity to benefit labour later on. That’s because your baby’s head will press against the cervix, making a slight opening.

Try various positions such as standing, kneeling, or squatting, which can reduce discomfort and help speed up labor.

9. Keep breathing normally

Breathing normally won’t only make you focus during contractions, but relax you too, moms. Before labor, have a relaxation strategy in mind. For instance you can start with taking deep breaths, imagining your favorite place, or listening to music.

Mums, we hope that this article on how to give birth easily has helped you. If you had a speedy delivery, share with us your story in the comments section below!

This article about how to give birth easily was translated by Kevin Wijaya Oey and republished with the permission of the theAsianparent Indonesia

References: NCBI (1, 2)

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