Do you hate your postpartum body? Here's 4 reasons to love it!

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If loving your postpartum body is a struggle, here are positive reasons to make accepting it easier!

Embracing the many changes that pregnancy brings can be a challenge. These changes include postpartum weight gain, stretch marks, sagging and other bodily changes that seem to cause anxiety for many moms. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

If you’re struggling with embracing your postpartum figure, knowing the positive effects of embracing it can make things easier.

Loving your postpartum body means you embracing your true self

Not hating your body after giving birth means loving yourself at whatever shape. It means embracing all your “imperfections” and seeing that there is no singular definition of beauty. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you genuinely like the person looking back at you.

You also no longer feel the pressure of society to look a certain way because you are confident in your own skin, knowing that you totally love yourself!

It means appreciating the miracle of birth

Knowing that your body has managed to bring a life out in the world will help you realize just how powerful and beautiful your post-pregnancy body is. Loving your postpartum body means valuing the role it played in the miracle of birth.

It’s finding beauty in strength and endurance, not only in physical appearances.

Do you hate your postpartum body? Here's 4 reasons to love it!

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It means you have a healthy perspective

Loving your body post-pregnancy means you appreciate yourself more. You learn to value what your body was designed to do and the amazing things it’s capable of! As a mom, you also want to provide the best for your child, which means adopting healthy lifestyle changes so you can take better care of your growing family.

It means you are sexier and more confident!

Motherhood makes you feel more womanly, curves and all! Enduring labor and delivery builds your self-confidence. Don’t ever lose sight of how your body bears the “battle scars” and traces of true strength. Celebrate it by being proud of your mom bod each day!

Why do you love your postpartum body? Let us know in the comments below!

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