Romancing the Wife

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A little rusty in the romance department, eh? Been a while since you did something sweet for her? Here are some genuinely romantic gestures that hubbies told us they've done, with VERY productive results! (Hint Hint.)

how to romance with your wife

Advice on how to romance your wife

How to romance with your wife:

A little rusty in the romance department, eh? Been a while since you did something sweet for her? Here are some genuinely romantic gestures that hubbies told us they’ve done, with VERY productive results! (Hint Hint.)

1) Walk Down Memory Lane

I captured our five years of marriage in a scrap book. Besides photos, I also used ticket stubs from the first movie we saw together, the dried corsages from our wedding, plane tickets from our honeymoon, and a whole host of other things!

2) Me and You Time

I came home early from work one day; dropped off the kids to my parents, made popcorn, chilled a bottle of wine and rented the movie Titanic for us to watch. She was super touched!

3) Spa Massage

I took care of our three kids, while I sent my wife to an all day pampering spa treatment at Beautti Slim. After her princess treatment came to an end, I brought her home and treated her like a queen!

4) Telling My Mother Off

My mother has a knack of insulting my wife with backhanded comments. For example, when my wife wears a new dress, she’ll say something like, “That dress suits you. It makes your boyish figure look more womanly”, or if my wife invites my parents over for dinner and cooks, my mother will insist on bringing food, as she’ll say that my kids need real food. I know how much it bugs my wife, but she’s been holding it in just for me. So one day when my mother was mouthing off, I stepped in and told her “I love my wife very dearly – I think she looks great, cooks great, and is simply perfect. I would appreciate it if you stop running her down, or trying to change her, because I cannot love her any more than I already do.” You should have seen how over the moon my wife was!

5) Housework

According to my wife, the most romantic thing I’ve done for her in a while was to do the dishes and vacuuming the house one Saturday morning while she and the kids were still sleeping! She appreciated it more than flowers.

6) Subconscious Drawings

I doodle when I am stressed at work, so that I can think clearly. There was this one time when my wife came to my office to collect some stuff as I had left them behind. She was being kay-poh and opened my file. Imagine her surprise when every other page had a heart with her name in it! She loved it so much that she actually “stole my notes” to photocopy and keep!

7) All Packed Up

My wife always packs my kids lunch boxes to take to school. One day, I decided to pack her a lunch box to take to work! I made a tuna sandwich and filled the boxes with chocolate kisses. She was very touched, and said she appreciated it more than the diamonds I had bought her for our anniversary!!!

8) Reel Time Advice

My wife and her mother were extremely close. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer seven years ago, and the doctor gave her six months to live. I knew my wife would take it badly after she has passed on, as she relied on her mum for all sorts of advice – especially in raising our twins. So I decided to do something special for her. I got myself a video recorder and asked my mum-in-law a hundred questions relating to raising kids, be it from potty training to discipline strategies. After doing the recording, I took it to a videographer who indexed each question and answer. My mother-in-law passed on soon after and as I had guessed, my wife was shattered. I gave my wife the gift after the funeral was over. Till now my wife uses it as a reference piece. She plays the video every time she feels overwhelmed or sad, and she feels all better after that. That was the best gift I ever gave my wife.


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