“Husbands, we are no more entitled to a restful weekend than our wives” A dad’s viral post!

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When you share chores with your wife, you are not just easing her burden, you are ensuring that she gets the dignity she deserves.

Pointing out that there is a shift in the dynamics of a modern day family, accomplished Start up Guru and author Dale Partridge thinks that men actually steal the luxury of rest from their wives under the pretence of earning for the family.

In a post that went viral, Dale points out some things that every husband should understand. Just because a man is earning while his wife works at home does not mean that it is an equal trade. He goes on to say that being a "breadwinner" doesn't authorize men to escape the chores on weekends! In his words,

"The luxury of rest is a gift many men steal from their wives each weekend. Remember, the 40-hour work week is a cultural standard, but God tells us to share our wive's burdens and protect her from strain."

And he is so right! There are a few husbands who end up sharing most of the responsibilities with their wives, not because they have to, but because they want to. However, an average wife still ends up doing many more chores than her husband. Maybe it is a cultural thing. Why else would a woman, who earns as much as her husband, come home to cook while her husband watches TV? Maybe she likes to cook. But maybe, she also sees it as her 'duty', as her grandmother used to see cooking as!

The shift in the paradigm

We are living in a new century. Many of us saw our mothers and grandmothers rising up to the challenge of managing the house with limited means. However, as times change, so do the needs of the family.

As families grow increasingly egalitarian, husbands have started seeing their wives as partners in a real sense. The distinction between a man's job and a woman's job has blurred. Technology is also helping a lot. In this scenario, sharing the burden is not the new 'in' thing, it is slowly becoming the norm. However, it is not just the case where both are 'working'. Husbands are increasingly becoming aware that even housework is real work.

How is this going to impact the generations to come? Read on to find out.

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