6 Times Ian Veneracion proved he is total #DaddyGoals!

6 Times Ian Veneracion proved he is total #DaddyGoals!

Here's undeniable proof that the cool, loving dad is a total role model for daddies out there!

The timeless matinee idol has been making women swoon for decades. Though he rose to fame in the 90s, the 42-year-old dad is making this generation of ladies swoon through his role in the popular TV series A Love To Last. In the hit drama, he plays Anton Noble, a dad of three who recently separated from his wife, but has found love again.

Playing a devoted dad doesn’t seem like much of a stretch for the seasoned actor, because he already is one in real life. Here are some moments he proved he truly is a great dad!

1. When he makes playtime with his kids a priority

Despite a hectic schedule, he manages to make time for his kids, like when he rode dirt bikes with them and proudly shared a photo of their “play time” on his Instagram.

Play time with my kids

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2. When he shows how proud he is of his kid’s accomplishments

When his daughter Deirdre, who he fondly calls Dids, wrote an article about her paragliding experience for the February issue of Reader’s Digest, he proudly shared it on social media. “She wrote her story, sent it to Reader’s Digest, and now it is published on their Feb issue. So proud of my baby!”

3. When he and his son Draco went on a spontaneous bike ride after exploring Sagada

He proudly shared how he and his equally handsome and adventurous son rode through trails that weren’t on maps!

“After a night in sagada,I discovered the most beautiful road I’ve ever seen while following dirt-roads that aren’t on the maps. (Not even google maps!),” he wrote on instagram. “Me and my boy Draco enjoying our bikes.”

4. When he was supportive of his daughter’s unusual hobbies

His daughter Deirdre truly takes after him! Aside from enjoying writing, she also has a penchant for daredevil hobbies like mountain climbing and paragliding!

Death is mandatory. Living is optional.-Dids V. My baby.

A post shared by Ian Veneracion (@ianveneracion1) on

Dids @da_flyer77

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5. When he paid tribute to his own dad

In an article for the Philippine Star, Ian wrote a heartfelt tribute to his own dad, Roy Veneracion, who is a painter. He thanked his dad for the gift of art, which inspired him to pursue a life of artistic expression through acting and music. Ian plays the piano and guitar. Truly, he wrote, he is thankful that his dad encouraged him to pursue his passions without any pressure.

We can totally see who this super dad takes after!

6 Times Ian Veneracion proved he is total #DaddyGoals!

photo: Roy Veneracion facebook

6. When he shared that he has no regrets about marrying young

As his dad told him, “If you decide to love a person, love her all the way.” So he did. He married Pam Gallardo when he was 22. They have been together for 20 years.

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