5 Important health questions that all moms should ask themselves

5 Important health questions that all moms should ask themselves

You owe it to yourself as well as your family to keep yourself healthy. So for all the moms out there, make sure to ask yourself these 5 health questions!

1. Are my hormone levels normal?

Hormones are important to your body. They help regulate your mood, metabolism, sex drive, sleep, heart rate, and your immune system.

Sudden hormonal shifts can cause problems such as sudden mood swings, a change in your sleeping habits, change in your eating habits, and even your chances of getting pregnant.

If you feel that your hormones might not be in the normal range, or you feel sudden unexplained changes in your body, or are having trouble when it comes to having a child or even a low sex drive, checking your hormone levels are one way of knowing what's going on.

2. Do I have enough vitamin D?

Vitamin D helps keep your teeth and bones strong, and also reduces the risk of cancer and generally improves your immune system.

That's why it's important for moms to have enough vitamin D from milk or other sources in order to keep themselves healthy, and to prevent the bone disease osteoporosis, which is a common disease among older women.

3. Do I have proper posture?

Your posture actually does a lot more than make you look tall, or make you look good. Having good posture ensures that your spine is aligned, and since your spine has a lot of nerves that connect your entire body, it makes sense to ensure that you have proper posture since a pinched nerve can cause problems when it comes to blood flow in your body.

Not to mention, having good posture also helps prevent back pain, as well as any random aches and pains caused by bad posture. All in all, it's a rarely noticed, but a good posture does wonders for your body.

4. Are my sugar levels normal?

This is especially important for pregnant women, as pregnant women are more prone to having gestational diabetes, which is a form of diabetes that manifests during pregnancy.

Not only does gestational diabetes affect the mother, it can also cause problems for the baby, since they developed in a high-sugar environment, their bodies will have a hard time adjusting when they're born and have a diet that has the normal levels of sugar.

5. What types of food am I allergic to?

Knowing your allergies are important, since allergies are hard to deal with, and can sometimes even prove fatal, depending on the severity.

Additionally, there's a chance that if you have a child, your child can inherit the allergies, and it goes up if your husband also has the same allergy.

Allergy tests are relatively straightforward, and most physicians can help you with one.

Source: familyshare.com

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