One mom shares her story about induced labor

One mom shares her story about induced labor

Jennifer Ong, 23, shares her tumultuous journey to motherhood, and her experience with induced labor. Read on to learn more!

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Jennifer tells us about her second pregnancy and the story of her induced labor.

23-year-old housewife, Jennifer Ong tells us about her induced labor and exciting journey towards motherhood.

Jennifer’s induced labor story

Thankfully, unlike my first pregnancy, my second pregnancy was very smooth. I hardly suffered from morning sickness or nausea. However as my bump grew bigger, I did suffer from some backaches and bloatedness.

I was also very emotional and demanding, crying at the slightest thing. Everything I wanted I had to get, otherwise I would burst into tears. Thankfully my husband found my behavior very funny and kept humoring me.

My husband Tim, and I could not be happier when we found out that we were expecting a child, especially since my first pregnancy ended in a termination. To prepare myself for this pregnancy, I supplemented my diet with folic acid, milk and toine(Chinese herbal tonics), which both my mother-in-law and mother would prepare for me. I also abstained from smoking and drinking.


induce labour, induced labour, labour, pregnancy, pregnant, giving birth, childbirth

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Operation Baby

My Labor, unlike the pregnancy itself was very painful. I attribute it to the fact that it was an induced labor and the medicine administered was very strong.

The entire labor spanned about 15 hours, as my cervix took very long to fully dilate to 10 cm. I tried my best to endure the pain (I was trying to go for a drug-free labor), but it was too excruciating, so I finally relented and took the pain killer.

The labour was also a little complicated as my little girl was having difficulty breathing in me, so much so that I nearly had to go for a C-section. But thankfully, the doctors at KKH, helped us, and I eventually had a natural delivery.

Post Delivery

While I felt relief to finally have my girl safe and sound, I was also starving! As I didn’t have any food for the entire day.

But overall, although the labour was tough, I have no regrets and if I had to, I would go through it again. It was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life, and I felt it brought my husband and I closer as a couple. Plus, little Sireen is definitely the light and joy of our life.

In a nutshell

Name of child:

Sireen Lee

Date of Birth:

15 July 2006

Weight and height of child at birth:

3.318kg and 49cm

Advice for other pregnant mums

Drink more milk, walk more and drink some toine too.

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