Watch: Iron Man gives bionic arm to 7-year-old boy

Watch: Iron Man gives bionic arm to 7-year-old boy

7-year-old Alex got a Marvel surprise on the day he was supposed to receive his super cool 3D-printed bionic arm. Watch the amazing video below.

We just love it when actors get into character to help kids!

In this video, Tony Stark lends support to TheCollectiveProject, an organization lead by Albert Manero, who donates cheap, fully-functional, 3D-printed limbs to children all over the world. Albert is essentially creating bionic limbs for free for children and Iron Man came to help him give one out.

Check out the amazing experience little Alex had when Iron Man gives bionic arm:

Wow, this kid can really keep his cool. If we were in his place, we'd be so excited to meet Iron Man!

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