6 Reasons why your kid shouldn't watch Peppa Pig, according to parents

6 Reasons why your kid shouldn't watch Peppa Pig, according to parents

Peppa Pig is one of the most watched animated shows of this generation. But why do many parents think the show influences naughty behavior?

Kids all over the world just love the Brit cartoon Peppa Pig. She’s sassy, funny, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. But over the years, parents have raised problematic aspects of the show. So it’s natural to wonder: is Peppa Pig bad for kids?

The award-wining show that has spawned its own line of toys is taking over the world. But some parents don’t buy in to the hype. In fact, one mom even banned the hit TV show in your household. Should you follow suit? Let’s take a closer look.

Is Peppa Pig bad for kids? 6 Problematic aspects of the show

1. Peppa can be disrespectful towards her dad

“Silly daddy” is something Peppa often says. Though some would find this endearing, it can send kids the wrong message that it’s okay to make fun of a parent’s appearance.

In one episode, Peppa even creates a password “daddy’s fat tummy” for people to be allowed to enter the tree house.

“I let (my daughter) watch the rest of the episode hoping for a positive lesson,” writes a mom on Common Sense Media. Instead, I ended up going over the scenes with my daughter explaining that this secret password to get into the tree house was not funny but mean and disrespectful.”

2. Peppa can be bossy and rude

Mom Nicole laments how the show has made her 4-year-old bossy and rude.

And mom Mandi agrees. Not only does she think Peppa is a bully, she thinks she always has to be star of the show.

“She is always saying negative things to her family and friends,” she writes.

What’s more, she can be a bully to her little brother George.

is peppa pig bad

Is Peppa Pig bad? Some parents think she promotes bullying (screenshot: youtube)

3. Peppa can be rude to her friends

“The main character is so rude and downright ugly towards other characters that are supposed to be friends. And the parents do absolutely nothing,” says parent Sydney.
Parents also agree that she tends to whine and not take losing well.
“I don’t like you anymore! You’re not my best friend,” has become a common catchphrase throughout the show. Remember that time she slammed the phone down on Suzie sheep for simply knowing how to whistle when she couldn’t?

4. She tends to promote unhealthy habits

But Peppa isn’t the only character who’s being viewed as a questionable role model. Her little brother George throws fits and tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. He also hates vegetables and loves chocolate cake.

But some parents would argue that the fact that they’re just depicting normal kid behavior make it endearing?

is peppa pig bad

Many parents can relate to the struggle of having a picky eater! (image source: Peppa Pig facebook page)

5. She always tends to to say ‘no’ and ‘yuck’

“Too much verbal aggressions and bad role models. Peppa is disrespectful with her parents, and almost all the episodes have some kind of contempt for Peppa’s father. There are many other better choices for the same age,” writes Jacob, a dad of a 3-year-old.
Though intended to be cute quips and reactions, parents believe this teaches kids to be snarky and hostile.

6. She can present problematic concepts of gender

There’s nothing wrong with embracing traditional gender roles. Peppa is super girly; she wears a red dress and loves dolls. There’s nothing wrong with that. But it gets tricky when she refuses to do “boy stuff.”

This is a subtle quirk but it might be reinforcing stereotypes that can be disempowering limiting for children.

How to turn these problematic aspects into a good thing

Are there good lessons to be learned from Peppa Pig? Yes, aside from the fact that it can be funny, it also promotes the value of family and staying positive through life’s struggles.

What’s more, the show also celebrates strong female role models like Mrs. Rabbit, who is super hard working.

Mommy Pig is also an inspiring character because she strives to teach Peppa what’s right from what’s wrong with love and patience, even if Peppa can be stubborn at times.

is peppa pig bad

Despite the show’s problematic aspects, the Pig family love each other (image source: Peppa Pig facebook page)

Some might think Peppa promotes “naughty” behavior, while others disagree. The reason why the show is a hit is because the “flawed” characters are so believable.

At the end of the day, whether or not you think Peppa Pig is a good or bad role model, you can use TV cartoons as an opportunity for learning.

If you can’t seem to ban the show in your household, that’s perfectly understandable. Compromise. Why not use it as an opportunity to open up a dialogue with your kids?

Communicate with them to find out what they understand from the show. Reinforce that it is important to:  

  • Love and respect their elders
  • Remember that being a good leader doesn’t mean being a bully.
  • Healthy habits make happy kids (veggies are good!)
  • Have good friends by being one yourself.
  • Choose kind words and embrace diversity.

There are good lessons to be found on television, but your kids need your guidance and wisdom to truly remember them. Answer their questions openly and patiently.

With your supervision, they will only take away the laughs, positivity, and good lessons from Peppa Pig and their other favorite shows.

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