Isabelle Daza shares a photo of her newborn baby boy!

Isabelle Daza shares a photo of her newborn baby boy!

New mom Isabelle Daza posted a photo of her lovely baby boy on Instagram, with the caption "Never knew I could love someone so much."

Good news to those who have been following actress and model Isabelle Daza's pregnancy! She's now a mom, and she just shared the most adorable photo of her son on Instagram!

Isabelle Daza proudly shows off her baby boy!

Isabelle Daza is now a mom, and after a series of teasers on Instagram, she has finally revealed her super cute baby boy to the world!

Check out her post below:

A post shared by isabelledaza (@isabelledaza) on

Last April 1st, she teased her baby's gender on Instagram. There, she asked netizens if her baby was a boy or a girl. She then posted photos of pink balloons which hinted that she gave birth to a baby girl.

However, she revealed that it was actually a baby boy, and that she was just joking around for April Fools' day. She added that she and her husband weren't aware of their baby's gender, and they chose to know it only after she gave birth.

She added that she had to undergo a C-section due to complications, but she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The couple still hasn't revealed the baby's name.

Meanwhile, Isabelle's mother, Gloria Diaz, also shared a video on Instagram, where she said that her daughter had been confined and just given birth.

Check out her video below:

A post shared by Gloria Diaz (@its.gloriadiaz) on

Source: Rappler

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