Iya Villania shares a clever tip breastfeeding moms will find helpful!

Iya Villania shares a clever tip breastfeeding moms will find helpful!

The TV host and first-time mom has a useful breast milk storage hack she'd like everyone to know. Learn more about it, below!

First-time mom Iya Villania has been breastfeeding for nearly a year now, but she’s constantly learning!

The 31-year-old TV host took to instagram to share a breast milk storage hack with her 2 million followers.

Crediting La Leche League Leader, certified lactation counselor and mom of five Abbie Yabot, Iya wrote: “Just wanted to share a great tip! To store my breastmilk in 2-3oz portions so that less milk is wasted when baby’s intake increases and you have to combine a bag or two. [It’s] helpful also for when you just need a little milk to mix in with baby’s food,” she explained, appending the hashtags: #LiquidGold #EveryDropCounts.

Iya Villania shares a clever tip breastfeeding moms will find helpful!

photo: Iya Villania instagram

Her 11-month-old son Primo has now started on solid food, but is still enjoying the benefits of his momma’s milk! No wonder he’s growing up to be so pinch-worthy and healthy!

Iya Villania shares a clever tip breastfeeding moms will find helpful!

photo: Iya Villania instagram

Abbie Yabot’s advice on low milk supply and pumping before going back to work

theAsianparent Philippines spoke to Abbie Yabot in a previous interview and just like Iya, our readers found her breastfeeding wisdom quite helpful.

Aside from her advice to control milk storage portions, she also opened up about how moms struggle with low milk supply.

“You only produce about 1 teaspoon per feed,” said Abbie, referring to the transition stage of breast milk production, which occurs 2 to 4 days after birth. “This can usually be taken out by your baby. And so when some moms try to squeeze their nipples or they try to pump, nothing comes out they feel that it’s low milk supply when, in fact, if baby can latch well it’s not low milk supply because baby can take it.”

She further stressed the importance of proper latching to make sure the mom’s breast is stimulated to produce milk.

“If your baby knows they can get milk from somewhere else, of course they won’t exert proper effort anymore on the breast and then it becomes a cycle the breast don’t feel a demand, so they won’t produce a lot until such time that it lessens and lessens and it eventually dries out,” she explained.

Another issue she’s encountered with moms who’ve sought her help, is coming up with a pumping routine once they decide to return to work after maternity leave.

Abbie’s advice is to pump or express at least two weeks before returning to work.

“Because a mom needs a stash and it can’t be a one-day stash, it needs to be days worth because when baby is away from mommy the first time, they consume a little bit more than usual. Because that’s their way of coping,” she continued. “Also, if milk is given through a bottle or cup, they consume it faster.

It takes about 20 minutes for our tummies to signal our brain that its full.

“So babies, if they consume 2 ounces in like 5 minutes, they’re still hungry! So they need to suckle for 20 minutes to know that they’re full na,” explained Abbie. “Some moms they have a hard time catching up with pumping and they feel na they have low milk supply when, in fact, the one that’s being given to babies sobra na.”

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