Jadine or Aldub? Parents share who they think are better role models

Jadine or Aldub? Parents share who they think are better role models

They're the two most phenomenal pairings today but can these young stars provide more than just kilig? Who do parents think make better role models for kids? Find out here!

They’re practically everywhere–from billboards to TV commercials, Jadine and Aldub are two ‘love teams’ we just can’t escape. Jadine, known separately as James Reid and Nadine Lustre, have finally owned up to being in a relationship. While Aldub–Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (a.k.a. Yaya Dub)–thrives on keeping their fans hoping they become a real-life couple.

They’re often pitted against one another (mainly because they’re from rival networks) to determine who looks better together or who can generate more kilig as fangirls (and fanboys) fawn over them. Kids as young as 10 or 11 have professed their love for both love teams. Even parents just can’t escape the Jadine and Aldub fever.

Though individually talented, these fresh-faced stars all rose to fame mainly because of their phenomenal pairings. They have the power to affect an entire generation. But who do parents think has a more positive influence?

photo: ABS-CBN

photo: ABS-CBN

Since James, 23 professed his love for Nadine, 22, fans just can’t stop being hooked on their every move.

Does owning up to their real status mean they’re better role models? We asked some parents to help us answer this question.

“It’s easy to say that AlDub are better role models but we have to remember that they’re not a real couple,” says Cristina M. “However, I wouldn’t peg either of these couples as role models. Don’t mean to sound like a snob, but I’d want my kids to look up to people who have done more substantial things with their talents.”

Samantha J. agrees with Cristina M. If she were made to choose, she’d go for JaDine.

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Their success was as unexpected as their tandem—an instant chemistry that sparked a skyrocketing career. Merely a year since their ‘love team’ was launched, the two have become one of the most sought after tandems and product endorsers in the industry, with legions of fans supporting them every step of the way.

They rose to fame mostly because of their authenticity; nothing about them feels put-on or fabricated. Unlike their whirlwind rise to fame, Aldub was in no rush. With the guidance of their Lola Nidora, they went through the conservative process of courtship, opting for a more traditional approach to romance.

“I’m a follower of neither of the two pairs but I think AlDub exudes more of the desirable values for kids,” shared Anne Marie D. “As far as I know, they are awarded with a Catholic Social Media awards and other recognitions by several values-oriented award-giving bodies.”

“They actually display good values especially about ‘waiting’ for the right time. Waiting for the right time for the first holding hands, first date, first kiss, etc.”

screengrab: Youtube

screengrab: Youtube

It’s not difficult to see why parents would be more drawn to Aldub seeing as they’re going against the norm of youthful impulsivity when it comes to relationships.

“Honestly, our family is more into Channel 2. But in my opinion, Aldub is better role model,” said dad Stan O. “They actually display good values especially about ‘waiting’ for the right time. Waiting for the right time for the first holding hands, first date, first kiss, etc.”

aldubmovie 1

screengrab: Youtube

“I think JaDine has more kilig factor because they’re a real life couple, but I think Aldub promotes more good values and right conduct not just in a relationship but also towards other people around them like their family and friends,” said Bea G.

Dad Alwyn B. has nothing against either of the two love teams but he doesn’t think they’re good role models for kids. “Not because they show bad behavior,” he clarifies. “But, mostly because the themes on their shows are not age-appropriate. I think it’d be better to teach kids to look up to inspiring writers, artists, public servants, their relatives and their teachers.”

What do you think, moms and dads?

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