LOOK: James Reid attends birthday celebration of Nadine Lustre's mom with sister

LOOK: James Reid attends birthday celebration of Nadine Lustre's mom with sister

The Reid siblings were just like part of the family at Myraquel Lustre's recent intimate birthday celebration

Fresh from Greece, where they shot their highly anticipated new TV series ‘Til I Met You, James Reid and his sister, Lauren joined Nadine Lustre to celebrate her mom’s birthday.

Myraquel Paguia Lustre shared some photos of their intimate gathering on her instagram account.

Just early this year, Myraquel was hospitalized. It’s good to see her healthy and happy surrounded by family.

nadinemom 1

photo: Myraquel Lustre Instagram

James half-sister Lauren is now also making her way into the world of showbiz; she recently signed an exclusive contract with Viva Entertainment, the same entertainment company which launched the career of James.


photo: Myraquel Lustre Instagram

Dong Lustre, Nadine’s dad, was also there to celebrate along with Nadine’s younger sibilings.


photo: Myraquel Lustre Instagram

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Nadine’s mom now has 101,000 followers on her instagram account. She often shares posts promoting Nadine’s latest TV shows, movies, and endorsements.


photo: Myraquel Lustre Instagram

She shares milestones in their family’s life, delighting all of Nadine’s fans with her throwback posts from before Nadine entered showbiz.

nadine 1

photo: Myraquel Lustre Instagram

This was taken in 2009, when Nadine was just 15 years old.


photo: Myraquel Lustre Instagram


photo: Myraquel Lustre Instagram

The proud mom recently shared this adorable side-by-side comparison of young Nadine and the Nadine fans have grown to love.

Nadine absolutely dotes on her baby sister, Naomi.


photo: Myraquel Lustre Instagram

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