Pregnant Ellen Adarna to face child abuse charges

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How sure are you that your child has not fallen victim to those cyberbullies on different social media sites?

Social media is a convenient way of informing people and lately users have been using these platforms to report and discuss different issues. Some posts have been helpful but some have affected innocent people as shown in the rampant increase of cyberbullying cases.

Kids these days have been very much exposed to these sites at a very young age. How sure are you that your child has not fallen victim to those cyberbullies on different social media sites?

17-year-old Eleila Santos recently made local headlines when actress Ellen Adarna accused her of being a sneakily taking photos of her at a ramen restaurant last May. 

The teen has since denied the accusation through Twitter, claiming that she did not even know that the actress was there. Adarna then insisted that Eleila was a liar through a series of Instagram posts, defaming the youngster. The teen’s parents were not going to let it slide and they decided to take the matter into their own hands.

Chid Abuse Charges Filed Against Ellen Adarna 

john lloyd cruz attends hearing

John Lloyd Cruz attends hearing in girlfriend Ellen Adarna’s stead. | Image courtesy: Ellen Adarna Instagram account

The teen’s parents filed a child abuse and cybercrime case against the actress after Eleila’s mother released a statement demanding an apology from Adarna for defaming their daughter publicly.

“As her family, we ask you to publicly apologise to Eleila. We prefer not to take this further, but as our only daughter, we are ready to take this wherever needed to protect her integrity,” said Myra Santos through a post on her Facebook page.

The actress, who is pregnant with her first child, has not been seen at any court hearing as of this writing, but boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz has attended a preliminary investigation on Monday, June 11 in her stead.

According to a TV5 report, the Kapamilya actor faced the parents of Eleila along with the legal counsel of Adarna to request for a reschedule of the hearing. The reason? Ellen is due to give birth to her first child at any minute. 

Here are some tips to make sure of your child’s safety online

john lloyd cruz attends hearing

Accusation and posting of pictures are not the only ways your child can get cyberbullied. Like Eleila’s parents, how far will you go to protect and defend your child from these cyberbullies?

Here are some tips all moms and dads should know about.

1. Make sure your child meets the age requirement for having an account on any social media site

Facebook for one has an age limit of 13 but it is very easy for someone to fake his or her age online. Exposing your children to these sites at a very young age also means exposing them to different kinds of people with different kinds of intentions.

2. Talk to them about social media safety

When your child is old enough to have his or her own account, do not forget to warn them about the negative side of social media. It is important for them to know what kind of an environment they place themselves in.

3. Be updated on social media

Learn at least some of the phrases or slangs used online. You have to know when someone is already saying bad things about or to your child or even when your child himself or herself uses offensive language in his or her posts. You can also research about the trends that might be dangerous to your child, like the disturbing fire fairy game.

4. Know your limits

It is important to monitor your child online for his or her safety, but it is also worth noting that you still provide enough room for privacy. It makes them think you trust them. You do not have to check their private messages, just their public posts or who their online friends are.

As a parent, your child’s welfare is always your priority. Protecting your child does not hopefully have to reach the point of filing cases to defend them, but you can do so by being a hands-on parent in simple ways.

However whenever necessary, do not be afraid to support them, just as Eleila’s parents did. 

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