Leading a Busy Life? Make Time for Sex!

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The art of juggling sex and a busy life needs proper planning and a little bit of drive. Read how you can have a great sex life despite your schedule.

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Today's working women, although fulfilled in the work and family aspects of their life may often feel neglected sexually. Not because they don't have the drive, but because with their busy schedules, they simply don't have them time! Or so they think. One way to be sure to be effective in everything that you do is to make sure that you take care of yourself and if that includes satisfying yourself sexually, then do yourself a favor and steal away some time from your schedule and make time for pleasure. Here are some tips for when you switch work mode off and sexy woman on:

Be in the moment

Let go of all other thoughts and focus completely on the task at hand. Remember, the bedroom is not the place to multitask. Forget all the pending work and the PTA meetings for a while. Just concentrate on the part of your anatomy that your partner is focusing on and find your pleasure multiply.

Feel sexy

It doesn’t matter if you feel bloated or if you’ve had a bad hair day – it’s all in the mind. When you feel sexy from the inside, it will shine through and you will be able to enhance your enjoyment of lovemaking.

Be descriptive

Don’t expect your spouse to know how and where to touch you. You have to tell him what you want and talk about the things that turn you on. Ask him to explore you. It’s a safari that both of you will surely enjoy!

Keep your eyes open

You will be surprised to find how turned on you are if you keep your eyes open while making love. Men love this too.

So what are you waiting for? Make use of these tips today to juggle sex and a busy life with élan!

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