Karel Marquez on suffering miscarriage: "I didn't think it would happen to me"

Karel Marquez on suffering miscarriage: "I didn't think it would happen to me"

A month after she announced that she was pregnant, the 30-year-old actress sadly broke the news that she lost her first baby with husband Sean Fariñas

A few months after tying the knot in a beautiful ceremony, actress Karel Marquez and husband Sean Fariñas were over the moon when they shared the happy news that they were expecting their first child.

Sadly, a month after the joyful announcement, Karel broke the news that they had lost their baby. She was five to six weeks along.

She opened up about it in a Facebook post on July 26, writing:

“Our dream of having a baby this year was short lived as I had chemical pregnancies, an early miscarriage at 5-6 weeks; every mother’s nightmare. I didn’t think it would happen to me, but it did, for the first time in my life, back to back,” she wrote, adding that she chose to grieve privately. Eventually, she reached out to family and friends when the pain got too much for her.

“I stopped working daily as I was almost close to getting depressed – but I just put myself back together and picked up the pieces slowly. I tried not to show signs of sadness,” she went on.

Karel Marquez on suffering miscarriage:

photos: Karel Marquez instagram

Continuing, she lamented how her husband Sean wanted a kid all his life. They both couldn’t bring themselves to keep telling the sad news to everyone they met, so they simply avoided the topic.

In the post, she revealed that she suffered another miscarriage prior to this one.

“It’s not easy to say ‘try and try again’ after experiencing it twice. I was sad and stressed. The doctors said that I was lucky because I’m still very fertile, I followed the doctor’s orders, took my prenatal vitamins earlier, quit strenuous work and stopped my usual multi-exercises once I would get a positive test result, I was avoiding stress, I was having a healthy lifestyle, – but I still suffered this,” an incredulous Karel wrote.

Though what happened came as a shock, it didn’t shake her faith.

“I put everything in God’s hands and trusted the process and pain. He showed me signs that I could still have a child. Yeah. Ang sakit – But I heard Him in my mind and said that He has something planned for me. Just wait,” she wrote.

So she and Sean have decided to wait. They’re waiting in anticipation for their rainbow baby to come into their lives at the right time.

Karel Marquez on suffering miscarriage:

photo: Karel Marquez Farinas instagram

“For now, let me be my best self, respect my body and mind, focus on the family we’ve built, go back to work full time, and still keep on inspiring others. Do know that these painful situations happen, and it’s more common than you think. I want you to know, to whoever suffered a painful miscarriage like me…You’re not alone. I know. It can be painful physically, emotionally, psychologically and more, especially if you wanted to have a child so bad. It was one of the most difficult times for me but I decided not to dwell on it anymore, and that I should just think positive. Greater things are coming.”

In closing, she clarified that she is not ashamed to share her story and she continued to urge those like her who are suffering or have suffered the loss of a child to believe that “better things are coming all in God’s time.”

“Titibay tayo dito. In every downfall, sad moment, loss, or pain, God is preparing something great for you. Kapit lang. Remember, every storm in your life is followed by a rainbow!”

Marquez has two kids, Keiley and Kyler, with former partner Arman de Guzman. She and Fariñas first started dating in 2012 and wed in December 2016.

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