#FinallyFariñas: Mom-of-two Karel Marquez weds businessman Sean Fariñas

#FinallyFariñas: Mom-of-two Karel Marquez weds businessman Sean Fariñas

After four years together, Karel Marquez finally married businessman Sean Farinas in a beautiful ceremony and lavish reception

After four years of dating and a romantic engagement early this year, Karel has finally tied the knot with longtime partner, businessman Sean Fariñas in a beautiful ceremony at the Santuario de San Antonio in Forbes Park, Makati.


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Treehouse Story, who created their memorable spoken word pre-wedding film, recently shared a glimpse of their big day. In the clip, Sean and Karel recite heartwarming wedding vows.

"I will love you unconditionally and without hesitation for it is your heart that moves me, your every flow I embrace. It is your spirit that inspires me, your humor that delights me everyday – and your hand I want to hold for all of my days," Karel told Sean, thanking him for genuinely loving her as well as her two kids from a previous relationship.


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"You are my world, my life, and my everything," said Sean in response, promising Karel that he will strive to be the best husband ever.

The lavish reception was held at Marriott's Grand Ballroom, which floral and event stylist Teddy Manuel transformed into an enchanting indoor garden.


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Karel looked radiant in a dress by Mak Tumang and makeup by Mariah Santos.


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Their romantic SDE video also revealed the gift Sean received from his bride: a BMW. The extravagant gift drew some negative reactions online. To clarify, Karel took to Facebook to explain that the car was not brand new, and it was, in fact, previously owned by her godparents.


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“It was the most I could afford today and spare, so it is not a brand new one. It took me six months to earn this and always had to set aside a monthly budget in the middle of paying for our groceries, food, my children's tuition fees and the list goes on. It was a sacrifice,” she wrote in a long Facebook post, reports entertainment wesbite PEP. She also clarified the "8" plate number belonged to the father of one of Sean's cousins, who is a congressman. The plate was placed as part of the surprise and removed before they headed to the church.


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"Despite all the conjectures, I kept quiet and avoided the limelight and unnecessary issues. People would stereotype that maybe just because they know I have two beautiful children, I may have gotten married. I was never married yet even via church or civilly my whole life," explained Karel. "To the gossipers, naysayers, negative thinkers, and plain bored, it's okay! Pero nakaka tanda yan, ha. Sayang ang beauty niyo day. Hehe."


Calling it the best day of my life could be an understatement. Photo grabbed from @kylacuneta #finallyfariñas

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