Sweet kids pay tribute to their working moms

Sweet kids pay tribute to their working moms

A touching viral video shows these struggling working moms how much their kids love and appreciate them

A viral Japanese ad has been winning mom's hearts all over the internet.

It starts off with snippets of interviews with various working moms being asked to describe what their "ideal mother" is. When asked to compare it with their own parenting journey, majority of the moms were quick to express how much they are unlike the perfect mother.


They worry that their always in a hurry and that they needed to smile more and doubt themselves less.



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But then their kids were interviewed without knowing their moms would see it. Then the sweet words came pouring in


The kids describe them as "gentle", "smiling" and "always on my side." They also tell interviewers they love their moms without being prompted


And so did the waterworks



Watch the entire touching video below. But before you click 'Play' make sure a box of tissues is within reach.

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