The joy of learning and play in 4 easy steps!

The joy of learning and play in 4 easy steps!

There's MORE to this egg than a fun toy!

Before your child starts school, you are their first playmate. So it’s important to make the most out of this time! Once your child turns three, they are past the toddler stage, and are entering a new exciting phase of their development.

At this stage, your child’s imagination is blossoming and so, too, is their vocabulary. They can now answer simple questions, tell stories, recount yesterday’s events and engage in make-believe play.

Your fast-developing three-year-old can also complete simple puzzles, count to five (sometimes more), recall song lyrics, identify shapes, match similar objects, follow simple instructions and pay attention for up to about five minutes.

Even if your child still hasn’t started school yet, you can start honing their cognitive skills through simple activities throughout the day. For instance, you can sing a song in the morning, watch an educational television show at noon, or read to them at night. Did you know that even snack time can be a time of fun and learning as well?

With Kinder Joy eggs, you can expect a fun toy that will not only entertain your child, but will help nurture their love for learning!

The joy of learning and play in 4 easy steps!

Stephanie Carvajal, a 23-year-old first-time mom, loves opening up Kinder Joy eggs with her three-year-old daughter, Tiffany Sky.

When asked why she and her daughter love Kinder Joy, the hands-on mom says it’s all about the element of surprise.

“My daughter Sky just loves opening up the egg to find out what her surprise toy will be!” Stephanie exclaims. “We often buy it on weekends from the grocery store and opening it becomes a bonding experience for us.”

So how can you teach your child the joy of learning and play? In four easy steps!

The joy of learning and play in 4 easy steps!

Step 1: Unwrap and eat

First things first, open the Kinder Joy egg. Then take the cute little spoon, and scoop! Kinder Joy comes with two crispy wafer balls resting on a bed of delicious milky and cocoa cream.

“The sweet treats inside the egg are so delicious. My daughter and I love it!” shares Stephanie.

Step 2: Assemble the toy

Once you discover what surprise toy is in the egg, you’ll know just how Kinder Joy’s surprise toys are designed to stimulate creativity and thinking skills.

The surprise toys provide more than just entertainment. Stephanie thinks it helps her daughter Sky in countless other ways.

“It teaches her how to put toys together and follow simple instructions while I’m guiding her. I also think it helps hone her fine motor skills and patience to listen, too,” she continues.

The joy of learning and play in 4 easy steps!

Step 3: Download the Magic Kinder App

When Stephanie discovered the Magic Kinder app, she realized how with its engaging content —games, activities, videos and stories in a safe environment — Kinder Joy provides education and entertainment for the whole family. The app also includes videos to help parents make the most out of their bonding time with kids.

The joy of learning and play in 4 easy steps!

Best of all, it’s available for FREE on PlayStore and App Store!

“It’s very educational and easy to use! I think it’s fun for parents, too! It takes our Kinder Joy bonding experience to a whole new level,” says Stephanie.

The joy of learning and play in 4 easy steps!

Step 4: Enjoy!

“I think kids learn best when they are not too pressured. Having fun and imaginative play is so important,” says Stephanie.

Part of Sky's educational playtime routine is storytelling.

“I read her books and talk to her about the stories she reads,” shares Stephanie. “She also loves music, so I make sure she watches educational animated shows with good music! I sing, so it makes me really proud to see that she takes after me.”

Pop open a Kinder Joy and download the free Magic Kinder app to open up a #worldofkj where learning and play can go hand in hand!

Kinder Joy is suitable for kids aged three and above and is available in all leading retailers and supermarkets in the Philippines. #kinderjoyphilippines

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