Kristine Hermosa defends husband Oyo Boy Sotto from online bashing

Kristine Hermosa defends husband Oyo Boy Sotto from online bashing

The 33-year-old actress and mom-of-four also challenged the basher to meeting up with her and husband Oyo instead of "hiding behind" a fake online persona.

According to a report by PEP, actress and mom-of-four Kristine Hermosa has fired back at bashers accusing her husband 32-year-old Oyo Boy Sotto for being "lazy" and being solely dependent on his dad, veteran actor and TV Host Vic Sotto, for financial support. Oyo is the youngest son of Vic Sotto with ex-wife, Dina Bonnevie.

Kristine Hermosa and Oyo  Sotto just welcomed their fourth child together. Both Kristine and Oyo Boy have not been as active in showbiz since becoming parents.

The slew of negative comments, which have since been deleted, were posted in response to one of Kristine's posts using a dummy account. PEP reports that the same "basher" had been leaving hateful comments in Vic Sotto and his wife Pauleen Luna's accounts as well.

Kristine Hermosa challenged the basher to face them

In her response, Kristine Hermosa challenged the basher to be brave enough to face her and her husband, accusing the netizen of creating various accounts to hide behind. Kristine also warned the basher not to make judgments about them because he or she knows nothing about their lives.


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Oyo also spoke up and redirected the negativity to himself, saying that the basher's beef is with him and so his wife should not be dragged into it.

Despite the negative comments, there's one person rooting for Oyo Boy all the way and that's his sister, Danica Sotto.

She recently took to Instagram to express just how proud he is of her little brother, who's only a year younger than she is.

"Still can't get over the fact that you now have 4 kids! When we were young, sakit ng ulo ni Mommy sa kulit at takas days natin..Grabe lang! I'm a little teary-eyed while looking at this photo because I see how God has molded you into a great person," wrote Danica in her heartwarming post, which is perhaps her subtle way of coming to her brother's defense. "Brave, opinionated and a man of integrity! God is truly amazing! So proud of you my dear bro/tol @osotto kahit minsan malakas ka pa din mang asar! Haha!! Love you and @khsotto so much!!!"


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