Kylie Padilla on 'new mom' exhaustion and postpartum forgetfulness

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The 24-year-old first-time mom reveals some of her new mom woes and what makes it all worth it

After marking her firstborn’s first month, new mom Kylie Padilla opened up about what motherhood has been like. The 24-year-old actress got real about the struggles, too.

In a series of Instagram stories, Kylie shared her thoughts on motherhood. In one of the post she reveals how she now barely remembers the pain of childbirth, even though it was reported that her labor lasted for days. She also confessed how she’s never been “more tired” in her entire life.

“Boobs are lopsided, eye bags darker than ever,” she enumerated, “hair is always messy.”

She also confided in her 1 million instagram followers that she’s become “forgetful as ever.”

Kylie Padilla on 'new mom' exhaustion and postpartum forgetfulness

photo: Kylie Padilla’s instagram account

Societal pressures and embracing the changes

She also acknowledged the pressure to get back to her pre-pregnancy physique, but she knows her baby loves her not matter what she weighs. Another new mom struggle she’s embraced are mood swings. Though unpredictable, she knows hormonal changes are a part of it and moms shouldn’t be sorry about it.

“Don’t I earn (the) right after bringing in a child into this world?” wrote Kylie, adding that having a solid support system is a must for new moms like her. There is no shame in asking for help.

Kylie Padilla on 'new mom' exhaustion and postpartum forgetfulness

photo: Kylie Padilla’s instagram account

Though she’s a proud breastfeeding mom, it hasn’t been easy

Aside from this, she’s had her share of breastfeeding struggles.

“(Alas and I) have had troubles with latching on both sides. It’s hard to watch him get frustrated when he cannot latch during our (morning) feeds, but we are slowly learning and working through it, since I really want us to reap all the benefits of breastfeeding. Not to mention the high that it gives both of us,” she captioned a photo of herself taken while breastfeeding.

Motherhood, she’s realized, is not just about giving birth; it’s a constant choice moms make each day.

“You realize that motherhood is not just about carrying a baby or giving birth to one. It’s a choice every day,” she wrote, paying tribute to her own mom, Liezl Sicangco and all mothers, encouraging them to keep going, keep learning, and to be kind to others and themselves.

source: Kylie Padilla’s instagram account

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